FUSE FM, Ballymoney, was set up to promote the Ulster-Scots language by having native speakers broadcast during the year. Usually FUSE FM Ballymoney broadcasts twice a year for 28 days each time, as that’s the maximum number of consecutive days allowed under the temporary restricted license.

The station continues to grow with thousands of text messages received during each run, just showing how popular the demand is for a full time Ulster-Scots station in Ballymoney. The station has just finished its summer broadcast but will be back on the airwaves on the 20th November to the 17th December 2010.

The Station continues to grow and highlight the demand for a full-time Ulster-Scots radio station in Ballymoney. During our last 28 day session, we received over 77,000 text messages: this is amazing as the population of the council area is around 30,000.

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