Centre for Migration Studies - Ulster American Folk Park

Centre for Migration Studies - Ulster American Folk Park

The Centre for Migration Studies (CMS) was established in its present form in 1998. It developed from the previous Centre for Emigration Studies at the Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh, bringing together and building on 3 main elements: the Library, established in the early 1980s; the Irish Emigration Database Project, begun in 1988; and the Masters degree in Irish Migration Studies, taught since 1996.

The Centre for Migration Studies vision is that of ‘an informed community, confidently and creatively engaged with its migration history, culture and heritage’. The CMS mission is ‘to serve the community as a leading international institution for the study of human migration, focusing on the peoples of Ireland world-wide’.

The CMS is managed by the Scotch-Irish Trust of Ulster through a sub-committee called CMS Management Committee. The following partner institutions are represented on the Management Committee:

  • Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (formerly the Department of Education);
  • Libraries NI;
  • The Queen’s University of Belfast;
  • The University of Ulster; and
  • Enterprise Ulster.