The Tallyman's Lament

The Tallyman's Lament

Launched at the start of 2009, this highly anticipated first solo album, “The Tallyman’s Lament”, is a treasure chest of rich, rare folk melodies and stunning original material, recorded in Dublin with some of the finest new traditional musicians of Ireland.

The album has received enthusiastic press and radio play.

  1. Farewell to Tarwathie
  2. School Days Over
  3. Come Away Home
  4. Seamus O’Brien’s / The Blackleg Miner (inc. Joe Cooley’s Reel)
  5. O Raging Fortune’s Withering Blast
  6. The Tallyman’s Lament (Parts 1-2)
  7. When the Boat Comes In
  8. The Bonny Light Horseman
  9. The Band of Moonlight Love
  10. The Band of Shearers
  11. Bogey’s Bonnie Belle / Maggie Smith’s