The Songs my Father Sung

The Songs my Father Sung

The exPerience were delighted to be asked by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland and the Ulster Scots Agency to take part in this educational project.

It was with great pleasure that we renewed our acquaintance with these historical songs – some familiar, some we’d never heard before.  

We have tried to musically interpret them as closely as possible to how we felt they would have been sung many years ago.  And we hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed playing them! Hopefully this will be the first of many such recordings, and will help to preserve this important part of our heritage for future generations.

  1. Lines on the Initiation of a Brother (1.29)
  2. The Landing at Torbay (2.13)
  3. The Orange & Blue (3.27)
  4. William Rode the Grey (2.08)
  5. The Orange ABC (3.58)
  6. Derry’s Walls (2.59)
  7. Orange Lily O (3.17)
  8. The Blackman’s Making Song (2.49)
  9. The Battle of Garvagh (3.22)
  10. The Ladies’ Orange Lodges O (1.49)
  11. Dolly’s Brae (2.36)
  12. The Union Cruiser (2.54)
  13. The Sash my Father Wore (3.47)
  14. Old True Blue (3.57)
  15. Shall we Gather at the River (3.46)

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