The Misty Burn

The Misty Burn

This CD contains ten songs based on three vernacular poets of County Antrim - James Orr, Samuel Turner and Harry T Browne.

An accompanying booklet gives the full poems and side notes to help with unusual or unfamiliar braid-Scots words and phrases. The songs give the ordinary person’s view of local life.

  1. Leezie McMinn (4.49)
  2. The Toddy Caup (7.07)
  3. To the Potatoe (4.41)
  4. The Forsaken (4.26)
  5. Burns’ Farewell (3.04)
  6. The Laird o’ Glencraigie (4.04)
  7. A Prayer (4.23)
  8. The Lass o’ The Misty Burn (3.43)
  9. Tailor Jock (4.13)
  10. Song of the Poor (7.13)

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