Re:Charged - Live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2007

Re:Charged - Live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2007

The six-times RSPBA World Champions, Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band, under the inspirational leadership of Pipe Major Richard Parkes MBE, and of Drum Sergeant Keith Orr, has emerged as one of Northern Ireland’s most successful pipe bands ever.

Over the years, the band has contributed to many high profile concerts but it is only occasionally that the opportunity arises to perform before an audience drawn from the scattered pipe band global community. The sense of excitement leading up to this global event fuels the adrenalin, raising the quality of performance to a level that can be achieved only in such a charged atmosphere. This is the primary reason for recording this concert performance - to share with you that special atmosphere.

We hope you enjoy the music.

  1. 6/8 March
  2. Hornpipes
  3. Reels
  4. MSR
  5. Tag Team
  6. Medley
  7. Hornpipes
  8. Solo by Ryan Canning
  9. Hornpipes
  10. Drum Salute
  11. Donald MacLeod Tribute
  12. Solo by Andrew Carlisle
  13. Jigs
  14. Slow Air and Reels
  15. Hornpipe and Reels