Fergusson's Auld Reekie - A Portrait of 18th Century Edinburgh

Fergusson's Auld Reekie - A Portrait of 18th Century Edinburgh

This CD portrays the teeming life of Edinburgh’s closes, tenements and taverns in the 1770s through the vivid poetry of Robert Fergusson and the great Scots songs and airs that he loved.

This CD celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Fergusson, one of Scotland’s greatest poets.

  1. The Flowers o’ Edinburgh
  2. Auld Reikie; Mallie Leigh
  3. Auld Reikie; Cauler Water; The Yellow-Haired Laddie
  4. Leith Races; Duncan McCallipin; Leith Races; Hallow Fair; Hunting the Hare
  5. Caller Oysters; The Daft Days; Tullochgorum / Torry Burn
  6. Elegy on the Death of Scots Music; The Birks of Invermay
  7. The Ghaists; The New Game of 41
  8. The Ghaists; Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation
  9. Auld Reikie; Canongate Cadgers; Auld Reikie; Lassies o’ The Canongate
  10. Auld Reikie; Lassies o’ The Canongate & The Canongate Cadgers
  11. The Daft Days / Auld Reikie; The Caller Shades; Auld Reikie
  12. The Flowers o’ Edinburgh; The Gates o’ Edinburgh

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