A Clatter o Fowk

A Clatter o Fowk

Fowkgates has been formed by musicians, singers, poets, storytellers, dancers and actors in Northern Ireland to share in the celebration of the ancient cultural links between Ulster and Scotland.

This recording - A Clatter o Fowk, Nummer Yin - is the first of a series of compilation recordings which aim to portray a diverse range of Ulster-Scots material - from pure tradition to contemporary folk songs.


  1. Lord Lovat’s Lament
  2. Whinney Knowes
  3. Will Ye Go Lassie Go
  4. Dr Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering
  5. Rowan Tree
  6. My Darling’s in Tennessee
  7. Margaret’s Waltz
  8. Bagpipe and Lambeg Medley


  1. Tam Archer
  2. Pheasant Cock
  3. Wullie’s Motor Car
  4. Scotch Medley
  5. The Four Marys
  6. Caledonian Heartbeat
  7. 4/4 March Medley
  8. Ower the Water

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