When Ulster Sailed West

When Ulster Sailed West

Ulster-Scots Community Network

This booklet considers the extent of the Ulster-Scots contribution to the making of the United States looking at such issues as:

  • who are the Scotch-Irish;
  • why did they come to America;
  • religious factors and economic considerations;
  • the Ulster-Scots and the frontier;
  • the Ulster-Scots role in the American Revolution;
  • and the wider role of Ulster-Scots.

It includes pen-pictures of Francies Alison, Neil Armstrong, David Crockett, Stephen Collins Foster, Greer Garson, Ulysses S Grant, Samuel Houston, Mary Draper Ingles, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Alexander Mellon, Samuel Morse, Robert Ross McBurney, Cyrus McCormick, James McCosh, Dolly Parton, John Steinbeck, Charles Thomson, Mark Twain, John Wayne, James Webb and Woodrow Wilson.

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