The Scullery: Recipes from an Ulster-Scots Heritage

The Scullery: Recipes from an Ulster-Scots Heritage

Diane Hoy

Little has been written about Ulster-Scots cooking, traditional or contemporary - a fact that inspired Diane Hoy to put together this recipe book exploring the uncomplicated and flavoursome dishes that Ulster-Scots cooking has to offer.

Through personal recollections, historical facts and snippets of poetry, Diane embraces both the traditional and the contemporary recipes of her Ulster-Scots heritage. Using a variety of simple and delicious cooking techniques, she explores the range of fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish all grown, reared and thriving in the Ulster-Scots agricultural heartland. Delving into traditional breads through soda, potato and wheaten, and indulging liberally in cream, cheese and butter, the main emphasis of her recipes is on fresh, simplistic, wholesome fare.

Packed full of classic Ulster-Scots dishes and moreish family recipes, Diane Hoy’s straightforward cookbook will have you turning to it time and time again.

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