Liz Niven

Liz Niven meanders across continents and centuries, exploring social and linguistic differences, using the ‘otherness’ of contrasting cultures to help understand her own. It’s a warm, vivid quest, musical with the rhythm of spoken Scottish speech. Affirming and resonant, she’s a worthy heir to MacDiarmid’s crown’ - Waterstone’s, Bath.

Liz Niven is an exciting poet whose observational voice is international in scope, traversing continents and tiers of society. Her work marries humane warmth and genuine affection with wry wit and sharp social comment - a poet worthy of our closest attention’ - Janet Paisley.

Warm and genuine, Liz Niven addresses different cultures and continents providing an honest yet satirical view of the world. From the streets of Glasgow to the Jewish Quarter of Prague, her poetry encompasses the outside world through the view of Scottish eyes: woman in a Headsquare, keeping out wind and rain, clothing memories, of every nightmare day spent since their sons were taken.

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