Ordnance Survey Letters - Down

Ordnance Survey Letters - Down

Michael Herity (Editor)

John O’Donovan, appointed in 1830 to ascertain the correct names for the Ordnance maps, began fieldwork in County Down in March, 1834. In Belfast he met Robert MacAdam, the Reverend James Bryce and Dr James MacDonnell. He later met Samuel MacSkimin, the Welshes of Dromore, the Glennys of Newy, the Reverend John Dubourdieu and the Benn brothers of Saul. He sought out the clergy of all denominations, meeting learned men and more than a few eccentrics.

But his best authorities on the origin and meaning of the names were plain country folk: Hughey, who worked for old Hennan of Lisnacroppan; old McGilvoy of Newry; John McLindon of Clonduff; and Mrs Con Magennis, nee MacArdle. He walked a great deal across country, tearing his trousers on the brambles and encountering ganders, turkey-cocks and cur dogs, all on the attack.

This collection of his letters contains valuable and colourful information relative to the antiquities of the county of Down - and has been sensitively edited by Dr Michael Herity.

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