North Antrim Connection - Four County Antrim Poets

North Antrim Connection - Four County Antrim Poets

Charlie Gillen Charlie Reynolds Christopher Tweed Tommy Tweed

The importance of recognising cultural traditions in Ulster has been a source of encouragement for the recent revival of writing vernacular prose that is often referred to as Braid Scotch or Ulster-Scots. The publication of prose and poetry in Ulster is a tradition that extends for almost three hundred years.

County Antrim’s contribution to this form of literature is well documented and continues today through the work of north Antrim writers such as Charlie ‘The Wizard’ Gillen, Charlie ‘The Poocher’ Reynolds, Tommy Tweed and his son, Christopher Tweed. This collection of their poems, written mostly in ‘the hamely tongue’, is both funny and moving and is a worthwhile addition to the corpus of written Ulster-Scots.

A companion CD is included with the book.

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