Aboot Tha Airds

Aboot Tha Airds

William Robert (Wilbert) Magill

Wilbert Magill has spent most of his days living in close proximity to the County Down town of Newtownards, and he retains a lifelong affection for the town, the surrounding countryside and the people who inhabit this small corner of Northern Ireland.

His enthusiasm for family and friends and his interest in community places, has nurtured his passion to observe and recall the changes he has witnessed over the last number of decades. However, while both the place and the way of life in ‘The Ards’ may have altered, Wilbert has retained his enthusiasm for the local Ulster-Scots vernacular speech that was in common use throughout his childhood and which today is enjoying something of a revival.

In this small volume of poetry and prose that is written mostly in Ulster-Scots, Wilbert shares his love of County Down and its people, and constructs a vivid depiction of the folk and the events of yesterday and today. It is a humorous and sometimes serious piece of writing that nevertheless generates an easy pace for the reader, irrespective of the level of familiarity with the Scots language.

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