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Ulster-Scots eXperience

Ulster-Scots eXperience

In July 2005, twelve musicians made the decision to expand and further develop the repertoire of Ulster Scots music being presented at a professional level.  And so the Ulster Scots Experience was formed. 

Experienced musicians, they all have the common aim of proving to the sceptics that Ulster Scots music can be musically correct as well as entertaining and easy on the ear. 

Their music is proving extremely popular with audiences throughout Ireland and further afield. The musical combination of fiddles and accordions, accompanied by guitar, drums, bagpipes and tin-whistles, to name but a few, all give that ‘special something’ to their performances.  Add to that Scottish, Gospel and a selection of uniquely Ulster cultural anthems; as well as the occasional splash of Highland dancing, and they’re really taking the Ulster-Scots music scene by storm.

Exploring the Ulster Scots culture through the mediums of song, verse and music, they will set your feet tapping to their catchy rhythms and maybe even tempt you to join them in song!

CD Releases

  • Time to eXperience
  • Songs my Father Sung

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