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Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne

From Arbroath in Scotland’s eastern lowlands, Steve Byrne has been immersed in traditional music since early childhood, and continues to write and arrange songs in his native Scots tongue. He is one of Scotland’s most sought after accompanists, especially for traditional song.

Best known as a founder member of innovative Scots folksong group Malinky, and a trained ethnologist, Steve applies his deep knowledge and love of Scottish traditions to all aspects of his musical career, whether as a performer, teacher or workshop leader. He has appeared in Dr Fred Freeman’s live shows of the Burns series and the Hamish Henderson tribute ‘A the Bairns o Adam’.
An experienced folk music tutor, he has taught in the UK and Canada.

A strong believer in the ‘Lomaxian’ tenet of cultural equity,[], and a keen student of languages, Steve sees his Lowland Scots background as but one part of the rich Scottish - and world - tradition. Like many Scots, he is something of a hybrid himself in any case, with a paternal Irish heritage that also inspires his music. It is his commitment to minority cultures - his own and that of others, as part of the common human experience - that permeates Steve’s work with an authenticity and honesty that is rare amongst young performers today.

CD Releases

  • Songs from Home (2006)
  • Last Leaves (2000) (Malinky)
  • 3 Ravens (2002) (Malinky)
  • The Unseen Hours (2005) (Malinky)
  • Flower & Iron (2008) (Malinky)

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