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Roy Arbuckle and the Different Drums of Ireland

Roy Arbuckle and the Different Drums of Ireland

Different Drums brings the indigenous drums of Ireland, the Lambeg and the Bodhran together for the first time ever in celebratory performance.

The music also features the Uilleann or elbow pipes,whistles, guitar, snares, long drum, 4 voices and is driven by the engine of the African djembe. Adding myriad percussion and other instruments to original and traditional songs makes a unique and exciting combination of traditions and sounds. A unique celebration of cultural diversity and linkages.

The band has played across the world, for everyone from US & Irish presidents to school children. The message is the same - Celebrate that which makes us different and that which bonds us together.


  • Drums and Drumlins
  • Green and White Army
  • Different Drums Live

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