A Kist o Wurds

BBC Radio Ulster

A Kist o Wurds

A Kist o Wurds is an Ulster-Scots radio series with music, poetry, stories and history from round the country. Find out more - and meet the Kist presenters.


Ulster-Scots animations for children


Animated myths, legends and tales from around the world with the voices of local Ulster-Scots children.

Watch the first three online now - with scripts and performance notes to allow your own children to act the parts.

A Wumman fur Oor Wullie

Ulster-Scots Play

A Wumman fur Oor Wullie

A humorous, short Ulster-Scots play, written by Jackie Morrison, all about Young Wullie’s attempts to find love through the Lonely Hearts column of the local newspaper.

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Ulster-Scots organisations, books, groups and artists, CDs and DVDs.

Country Rhymes of James Orr, The

Country Rhymes of James Orr, The

James Orr

James Orr, the Bard of Ballycarry, 1770-1816, was regarded as the best exponent of country verse in the Ulster-Scot (Lallans) dialect. Born in 1770 in a thatched cottage...

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What is a "paughle"?

  • a) a stout, clumsy person?
  • b) a kitten's paw?
  • c) a dropped ball in a sporting game?

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About the curator: Valerie Wilson

Valerie Wilson

Curator of Textiles

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, County Down

The collection of patchwork and quilted bedcovers at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, represents over 200 years of a textile technique rooted firmly in the desire to provide functional, yet decorative textiles for domestic use.

The earliest quilt in the collection dates from 1790 and the most recent example from the early 1990s. A selection of quilts from across the nine counties of Ulster is exhibited on a daily basis in the open –air museum in the context in which they would have been made and used. These can be seen, in the exhibit buildings during any normal museum visit.

Patchwork and Quilting in Ulster

Quiltmaking in Co. Antrim and Down

Thanks to the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum for images, audio and articles supplied.