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Computer revenge 向電腦宣洩

更新時間 2014年 4月 7日, 星期一 - 格林尼治標準時間16:15
An angry face, a computer and a hammer

Has this ever occurred to you?

Vocabulary: rage 詞匯: 憤怒

Are you angry? Unhappy in your job? Wish you had an outlet for those feelings?

Well, if you lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you could go to Break Club. It's made up of a group of people who get together to smash up rubbish as a way of venting their aggression.

They can throw bottles at the wall, or take their frustration out on an old computer.

Mora, a club member, is a 22-year-old media producer who works hard and is always stressed out. She says: "I have to deal with deadlines, with so many people and so many things everyday... my nerves are at breaking point. Well, now it's time I break something too."

She wears overalls, thick gloves and a visor to protect her eyes. In her hands there's a baseball bat ready for action. After trashing an old computer monitor, Mora is almost breathless but has a smile on her face. "I feel like a new person. I'm happy! After this, I'm ready for anything!" she says.

Do you fume when your own computer crashes? Perhaps you'd feel better if you could do what 27-year-old Yamilla did to her keyboard - attack it with a hammer!

The club's creator, Guido Dodero, says Argentinians are a bit angry by nature and they like psychoanalysis. He thinks the key to the club's success is being a mix of both.

About 85% of his clients are young women. Dodero explains: "This is still quite a macho country. Women feel they need to take certain roles in society. They need to break from that every now and then and the club is the place for that."

Some members bring a picture of an ex-fiancee to destroy. Others bring a picture of… well, it could be of you or me. Natasha works in a call centre and does to the old equipment what she might like to do to her callers. The young woman says her job drives her mad.

The Break Club's creator says this is the only one of its kind in South America, but he's heard that there are similar places in Spain, Japan and the US. Who knows, one day there might be one near you. Do you feel like breaking things?

Quiz 測驗

1. What items are destroyed in the club?

Bottles and old computers.

2. What happens to Mora after she destroys things?

She feels breathless but happy and ready to go back to her stressful work.

3. What did Yamilla do to a keyboard?

She attacked it with a hammer.

4. What sort of people go to the club in large numbers?

Young - and very angry - women.

5. Which expression means 'occasionally'?

Every now and then.

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