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I could murder something 迫切地吞掉什么东西

更新时间 2012年 5月 15日, 星期二 - 格林尼治标准时间15:23

The script of this programme 本节目台词

Rob: Hi Helen. I thought I would pop round to talk to you about today's Authentic Real English but …err … it looks like you're busy … what are all these police cars doing here?

Helen: Quick, come in, shut the door…now this is very serious. There has been murder, 凶杀事件。

Rob: What?

Helen: A murder. I know it's not very nice….but to be honest the police can't find any blood or a body. 这个凶杀事件到底是怎么回事谁也不知道,仍然是个谜 – I say Rob, it's like a murder mystery.

Rob: Hmm, we need to do our own investigation. So what exactly happened?

Helen: Well, my friend came to see me this morning …

Rob: I see….

Helen: …. and we were having a nice chat when she said I could murder a coffee –她想杀掉一杯咖啡 – and then she disappeared and I haven't heard from her since.

a pint

What does 'murder a pint' mean?

Rob: Right. Well Helen, relax, I think she's still alive and everything is ok.

Helen: There's no murder?

Rob: No. When people say they could murder something it's an informal way of saying they are starving or thirsty and are desperate to have something to eat or drink.

Helen: 啊。原来这是一种夸张的说法表示一个人饥渴到了极点,需要吃点东西或喝点什么东西。 But murder is a strong word.

Rob: Yes. A direct translation would mean you are so desperate for something you would kill it! But in reality, we don't go that far.

Helen: Thank goodness!

Rob: Here are some more examples:

  • It's been a really tough day at work, I could murder a beer or two – anyone want to join me at the pub?
  • I'm starving, I could murder a curry.

Helen: 这个英语单词很有意思,用凶杀这个词来形容一个人处于极度饥渴的状态。

Rob: People also describe a situation or a feeling as murder – but again there is no killing involved – they are just trying to explain that something is bad or uncomfortable.

Helen: Murder 还有另一个意思表示不舒服甚至痛苦. Such as Rob?

Rob: Such as in these examples:

  • Running a marathon is murder on my knees.
  • I've been decorating all day and my back is murder.
  • Don't go on the London underground during the rush hour, it's murder!

Rob: So by saying 'it's murder' he means it's awful; it's terrible. Anyway Helen, now we know there's not been a real murder, I think we should tell these policemen to go home now.

Helen: Good idea. Excuse me…there's been a terrible misunderstanding. There's not been a murder so you can all go home.

Policeman: Oh right. So we've been wasting our time then? But hold on…I think there might be another murder soon.

Helen: Oh, why's that?

Policeman: Well, I could murder a cup of tea!

Helen: …of course.

Rob: I'll put the kettle on.

Helen & Rob: Bye.

Policeman: Milk, two sugars please.

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