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24 September 2014

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Has Newcastle's Bigg Market lost its appeal?
Casa, Newcastle Quayside
Is there a more attractive night out on the Quayside?

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Sarah, Gateshead: The Bigg Market is what two minutes away from the Quayside. I don't go out often, why because the whole of newcastle is filled with lads (and lasses) who spend too much money trying to drink them selves into oblivion. It doesn't matter where you go it's the same the only thing different about the people who go to the Quayside is that they have a little bit more money to waste.

Gemma, Chester - le - Street:
The Bigg Market is getting worse, there is always trouble and it isn't very up-market. The Quayside is much better. All around the country people slag off Geordie girls and I think the Bigg Market is the reason!!

Christine, Killingworth:

The Bigg Market has always been a haven for young people and there are plenty of bars to suit all ages and tastes around the city. If you don't like the Bigg Market stay away and don't winge.

Anon, Grainger Street, Newcastle:

The Bigg Market is a haven of shocking bars full of charvers with Ben Sherman shirts and tatoos of spiders on their foreheads drinking until they beat each other to a pulp. It is probably the most threatening place in Newcastle, I can't imagine why anyone would enjoy themselves there.

Rutt, Holywell: Most people seem to have hit the nail on the head, the big market is nothing more than a squalid, after school club for charvas. On one hand it would be nice to get it cleaned up and get some nice clean bars, but i cant help but think that prehaps the big market has a purpose after all it keeps all the charvas away from respectable people, and for the same reason i think the drinks prices are fine ive never thought of the big market as expensive! If i want cheap drinks id go to the big market however i want a good quality bar with a better class of person so i go to the quayside, you get what you pay for! Leave the "meat market" as it is and keep the type of person who drinks there away from the rest of us, we want to have a good night without a fight breaking out every few minutes.

dave wardle, gosforth: the bigg market is a great night out all u complaing about the music should shut up and live a little or go 2 somre country club newcastle is all about the bigg market

Graduate, Newcastle:
Surely one of the reasons the Bigg Market is so samey is because the council keep granting licences to the same bar owners! "Another bar/cafe/club? What a brilliant idea! We haven't got enough of those..."

Lee, Newcastle:
I agree with most of you guys with regards to the Bigg Market being rubbish. Teenagers and birds with blotchy legs in tight tops and mini skirts, and those young 'uns who like to go out, get trolleyed and have a fight, before a kebab, seem to be the only people going there. Maybe I'm wrong, but because of this I haven't been to the biggy in 5 yrs - Quayside offers class, reasonable priced drinks (£2.50 a treble vodka inc mixer) and decent women to look at. Does anyone wonder why it's nicknamed the meat market? - Horrible,dirty,urine soaked place!

Jardine, Lincoln:
As a university student you pick up many friends, many of those wish to enjoy a visit to anothers home town. On three occasions i have took my friends to the lights and splendor of Newcastle. Where did we go? The Quayside! a great example of what Newcastle can offer with its elegant drinking spots! Imagine what they would have thought of me and Newcastle if the first point of call was the Bigg Market, i might as well go to to the hospital with a pint in my eye. However regarding the prices, i am afraid thats the same everywhere round the country, and we are just merely catching up! Try going to London with £40 in your wallet, and buy one round!.....yes i thought not!

David Bentley, Whitley Bay:
Old ploy pack them in, they spend alot you spend little, make a lot of money, thats all the people think about that run these places,drab cheap and nasty.

Louise, Newcastle:
Mick's comments are so accurate, the Bigg Market is a land where 'charva' culture prevails. Most people quickly grow out of it and migrate down to the Quayside. The Bigg Market would need to have a massive overhaul to make it an attractive venue for the majority of us.

Andy, Newcastle upon Tyne: The Bigg Market has always been over-run by under-age drinkers and charvas, whose antics become somewhat tiresome after a while. I like the Quayside... and Jesmond isn't bad, but is it just me or are Newcastle sadly lacking in PROPER PUBS?? I mean somewhere with good beer where you can actually hear yourself speak, sit down, socialise etc. The stupid prices, deafening music and 10 minute bar queues are OK once in a while but I'm sure someone's missing a trick here. Perhaps things will improve once / if the licensing hours are sorted out.

Keith Davidson, Jarrow: I always go to the bigg market to start off a night out and some bars are'nt bad, but it has rapidly went down hill in the last couple of years. there is a lot more to offer at the quayside, trendier bars, nicer women, and better clubs.

Owen Haren, Newcastle: Can't help with agree about the ridiculous prices, but it's not all young people who frequent the pubs in the Bigg Market. It's a pity about the loud music and the agressive attitude of the doorstaff though

Dan, Newcastle: The Bigg Market's a victim of its own success. Once known as one of Britain's best nights out, it's become over-run by "Charvers" who have just about reached the drinking age (or otherwise!). The Quayside is far better. But both are getting ridiculous for the price of beer. At least some of the Quayside's PUBS are still PUBS, although the trendy chain bars are starting to get a foothold. And Jesmond? Well there's the answer to why they need to start charging university top-up fees but then that's politics...

Andy, Co Durham: I agree with Barry when he says that the Bigg Market is more of a place for 17-18 year-olds, but I don't think it'll be like that for too long. With new bars and clubs in the area such as The Gate, Tigar Tigar and the new night club Blu-bam-bu attracting a more grown-up crowd, I think it's best days are yet to come. I think people will soon begin to consider the Bigg Market and surrounding area as an alternative to the Quayside.

Mick, Newcastle: The Bigg market is, always has, and always will be an awful place to go for a drink. There's no fun going to a place where the music makes your ears bleed, the beer is awful and the staff in the bars look disgusted to be serving you. Underdressed grandmothers with tattoos and teenagers with hairsprayed fringes seem to be prevalent. Awful. Truly awful.

ferret, washington: been there got the T shirt and its true the music is poor and the same everywhere you go, i'll not even mention the price of the bottles but its not going to be long before we see £5 a bottle. As much as i hate to diss my home town i cant help but tell it like it is, and we dont all fight ive known times when me and a few of my mates got talking to another group of lads and lass's now we team up and where out round the toon just about every weekend.

nick, chester le street: i agree, by the time you are out of your teens you want to hear decent tunes in a clean environment, drinking decent beer/lager without kids who've had a few too many shandies kicking off. If you have any taste you will hit the quayside, jesmond or if you're a bit older.... the haymarket. The bigg market is great for one thing, it keeps the toerags away from the rest of us!

craig, south shields: The bigg market has lost its talent but beleive it or not, South Shileds is jumpin now. Loads of ladys and cheap beea. aaaaaaaaaaaiy

george lee, north shields: Your suggestion to have JESMOND as a better drinking area is betond belief this is a residential area and its to be hoped it stays that way ,I do not live in jesmond but I do understand why people in that area who have lived there for years are sick of students and beer drinkers spoiling a once respected place ,let the clubbers get to the quayside or the bigg market, keep the place free of the rubbish these people deposit there. g.l. n/shields.

THE FITZ, NEWCASTLE: i think the big market is far to expensive, two alco pops at £6.60p is a big rip off. if your out of work you've got no chance of a good booze up! bring back the old prices....pleese!

Barry, Newcastle:
I used to go to the Bigg Market when I was younger, but by the time you reach 19 or 20, you quickly grow tired of it. The average age of the punters is about 17-18, and they all get drunk far too easily and start fights (lasses as well as lads), push their way through the queues, or shout abuse. The bars don't offer much variety, with the music being very samey, and the pints taste like water, but the bottles are too expensive. Then at 11.00, everyone piles out into the streets, fight some more, shout a bit more abuse, if they can still talk, and then the queues for taxis is a nightmare. It's a very claustrophobic atmosphere in the Bigg Market, and I doubt I'll ever go back for a drink there.

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