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13 November 2014

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Sir Bobby Robson

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Sir Bobby Robson

Sir Bobby died aged 76

Sir Bobby Robson: Your tributes

Sir Bobby Robson was one of the best-loved and most respected figures in football and hundreds of you posted your tributes and memories of him on BBC Tyne.

Sir Bobby Robson, one of the north-east of England's favourite sons, died on 31 July 2009 at the age of 76, following a long battle with cancer.

The son of a County Durham miner, his football career spanned more than half a century.

Sir Bobby made 20 appearances and scored four times for England and his management posts included Fulham, Ipswich Town, England, Barcelona and Newcastle United.

He received a string of honours over the years including a knighthood in 2002 and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show in 2007.

Hundreds of you posted your thoughts and memories of Sir Bobby in our online condolence book and you can read all the tributes below.

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Have Your Say

What are your memories of Sir Bobby?

Fantastic guy. Thinking of others even when he was told he had cancer for the fifth time. Come on you Toon players and give Bobby something to cheer about coz I am sure he will still be watching. God bless you Bobby.

Matt Green
A normal bloke who loved life, knew how lucky he was. You felt like you knew him, what a man, I think we could all learn so much from him, A man who worked in Salter Spring in West Bromwich while he wore a blue and white shirt top, top man Gonna miss you uncle Bobby

glynis white
the world has lost a wonderful gentleman there will never be anyone to fill the void and football will never be the same without him i think it would be a good idea to print a t shirt of bobby and all the money going to his cancer foundation as i am sure it would raise a lot of money and a good way to remember him rest in peace bobby you were one in a million thanks for the memories glynis nufc fan

gaz the mag
total legend, sadly missed

I would like to see Sir Bobby honoured with a statue of him out side St James Park, he deserves it, a true gentleman, a lovely man.

M Anderson
If I could be 1% of sir Bobby i'd be a man indeed. R.I.P. Mr Robson

Sheila Baker
I have just finished reading your book, my kind of man you had time for everyone and were so honest sleep on Sir Bobby

Margaret Davison
A true legend and a gentleman

Shaun F
I met Sir Bobby at a Footballing Dinner at the Fed Brewery in 2004 and found him to be a wondefrful character and true genetlman - he happily skigned mine and many other autographs and was a pleasure to speak to The North East has lost a great man Rest in peace Sir Bobby

Norman Wiseman langley park
i grew up in langley park [68yrs] knew bobby all my life and all of his family bobby was a very very nice person who would not pass you without having a word with you will be greatly missed by all in this village r i p sir bobby norman wiseman

John Bell
the world has lost a true gentleman and will be a much worse place without Sir Bobby's infectious enthusiasm and passion. You make me proud of where I come from and proud of who I am. You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten, Rest In Peace, Sir Bobby,


elaine doherty
he was a true gentleman and i am irish we loved him too please put the statue up in newcastle and name one of the stands or even the playing crowd sir bobby

Clive Chattin
I had trials with Fulham in 1952; i stayed with Eddie Lowe (then Fulham Captain); he introduced me to Bobby Robson, Bedford Jezzard, Johnny Haynes, Jimmy Hill, Dave Bewley, Ian Black nad many more. Bobby Robson was 19 years old then and I can honestly say he was one of footballs finest, a gentleman who had respect and time for all who met him; I'm honoured to have met him.

You were a man of integrity and honour, an inspiration to many, a friend to all. You will be sadly missed but never forgotten. May you rest in peace, goodnight, God Bless x x x

Gerard Delhaye
I spent a few years of my life in the former County Durham and I can say that Sir Bobby was relly a man of integrity and honour. He made the North East area to be better known where he worked. RIP Sir Bobby and your family has the right to be proud of you and everywhere you went you were an amdassador for soccer or footbal.

"No photos" said the man shepherding people to Sir Bobby Robson's book signing. My daughter, who had travelled from London to Newcastle specially for the event was devastated! Sir Bobby took one look at her, another at me with my camera at the ready and promptly jumped up, ushered her round the table, put his arm around her shoulder and gave me the best photo opportunity ever. So typical of so many reminiscences by so many people. Farewell to a Geordie gentleman whose memory will live on through The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. Sincere condolences to Lady Elsie and family.

Prof. K. Isaac-Henry
BOBBY ROBSON : Another Perspective:I came to England in 1955 from Jamaica as a 15 year old, to live in West Bromwich and went to school on Wednesbury. At that time there were very few black people and, at school, for example, for most of the students I was the first black person they had ever met or spoken to. In 1956 I began playing cricket for West Bromwich Dartmouth, the Birmingham League side. In this period footballers had the whole the summer off because they only played in the winter. Many of the West Bromwich Albion footballers played cricket for West Bromwich Dartmouth in the summer. In the 1956-58 I often opened the batting for the club with Bobby Robson for the third and sometimes the second team. On one occasion, he brought his young son and wife to the match. We padded up and were practicing when his young son saw me and asked his Daddy if I was miner because my skin was black. I do not think the young five year old or so had ever come near a black person before. Everyone included Bobby and I was amused by this incident.But before we went out to bat he sat down with his young son with me by his side and tried to explain to him why my skin was black and different from his, where I had come from and why he had not seen anyone like me before. Even at my young age I thought it was a wonderful thing to do. The story does not end there. On a holiday to Canada and Alaska in 2002, some 40 years after, I met a member of the Newcastle Board and his wife. Bobby Robson was the manager of that cub then and I told I told him the Story above. About two months after, I received a letter from the Member of the Board telling me that Bobby had remembered the occasion , had remembered me and that I was invited up to Newcastle to see a match at his expense three weeks from the receipt of the letter. Unfortunately I could not take up the invitation because I was going abroad.But for all those who knew the man nothing of my story will be a surprise. That was the stature of the man.K. Isaac-Henry

Tina Chadwick
A gent, on and off the pitch! A man of integrity, honour and courage! Rest in peace, Sir Bob, and if God picks you to manage a team up there please make sure there are no penalties in heaven!!

Andy Terry - Longbenton F.C
True Legends, True Gentleman.There will never be anyone like you. You will be sorely missed.RIP SIR BOBBY

Jayne Hexham
I met Sir Bobby once outside of St James' Park - it was pouring down but he still took the time to speak to myself and my 7year old nephew who was thrilled by this.A true gentleman who did more for football than anyone else in my lifetime.He will never be forgotten

Soud Al-Habsy
Thanks for what you have done for Newcastle. May Allah rest your soul in Peace.

A true Geordie Gentleman makes me proud to be a geordie. Get with those MCAlroy Men up there Sir Bobby, and put the world to rights. Deepest sympathy to his wife sons and grandchildren they can all bevery proud

lesley stevens
he was a true gentleman with a heart of gold. never said a bad word against anyone will be sadly missed whether you liked football or were a cancer sufferer.

Jeff wallsend
A sad day for football. A sad day for the North East. A sad day for everyone. Thanks for some great times Sir Bobby

José,Maureen & Lynsey
Wor Bobby a true gentleman in every sense of the word. Always had time for everyone and anybody. Always had a smile on his face no mater what. You will always be a legend to the toon. RIP Sir Bobby

Syd Richardson
We were at Barcelona in the rain on top of the stand Sir Bobby was on the flooded pitch telling the fans that the game had been postponed,But he would sort it and we played the next night.

david williamson
what a great human being we have all lost yes all of us the passion sir bobby had was lovely to see even if you was not a football fan heavens gain is our great lost your memory will live for ever

thanks bobby, you were a one off.god bless.

Bill Bond
Sir Bobby was a true example of 'living a life' full of passion, caring and thought for others. Through his cancer foundation he will still touch peoples lives. God bless you Sir Bobby, I did'nt know you but it just felt like I did!!

leanne peacock
im so sorry to hear about sir bobby robson he was and always will be a true legend to me and all off the other fans he did a great job as a manager and he was gone to soon all the best for his family xx

Ashley Sutherland, Sunderland
These lines were written about a much loved resident of Bakewell, Derbyshire but they fit Sir Bobby perfectly. What a wonderful man he was.Here's to one who took his chancesIn a busy world of menBattled luck and circumstancesFought and fell and fought againWon sometimes but did no crowingLost sometimes but did not wailTook his beating but kept goingNever let his courage failHe was fallible and humanTherefore loved and understoodBoth his fellow man and womanWheter good or not so goodKept his spirit undiminishedNever let down on a friendPlayed the game till it was finishedLived a sportsman to the end

deb oneill

Phil in Beijing
Im a die hard newcastle fan who said we should never have sacked Bobby. He was live everyones frav grandad, a true gentleman and a complete ledgend in and out of the game of football. Im gutted i cant go to the ground and i hope the city do something appropriate to celebrate his remarkable life. A true geordie ledgend.

alan simpson
thank you bobby for putting a smile,albeit a sad one,back on the faces of geordie nation,once more RIP SIR BOB

Gillian Gudgin
Having lost my own father to cancer, my heartfelt sympathy is with you all at this difficult time. Sir Bobby will live on in the hearts of the geordie public forever.

Joan Dunn
He visited the Alnwick Garden one day a year or so ago. I will never forget the look of sheer wonder on the face of the young lad in the car-park, who fetched a wheelchair for Sir Bobby, and who was thanks and shaken by the hand. He said 'I shook hands with Bobby Robson' - he made that lad's day with his genuine warmth and friendliness. What a star!

Lee Gunning
A true Geordie gentleman and one that will be sorely missed not only in the toon but all over the world!!!A real privilege for me to have met him and a memory I'll treasure forever!!!The time has come for you to rest Sir Bobby and you deserve the rest as its one thing you never done before!!You'll never be forgotten!!!R.I.P SIR BOBBY ROBSON.

beverle graham
he was a well like man and will be misst xxxxxxxxx

trev south shields
good on ya son a true legend never forgotten

touch by the overwhelming feelings everyone has for sir bobby never met him but wished i had

Bill Ormsby
Saw this and I think it's most apt:-Local IconNational TreasureWorld LegendMay you rest In PeaceSir Bob

colin storey
sir bobby robson great player great manager and a gentleman to the end will be missed by all the northeast r.i.p sir bobby

Grahame Watts
There will only ever be one bobby robson. wor bobby robson one hell of a legend and a true geordie gentlemen, sir bobby you will be so badly missed by all in the north east and certainly everywhere in the world where people knew you and who had the pleasure of working with you,you will never be forgotten as legends never are RIP SIR BOBBY !

brian jopling,felling
A very sad day for north east football,the last of the greatgeordie footballing gentlemenwho did so much for the players all over the worldsadly missed by all

Brian - from Middlesbrough
What a wonderful guy he seemed to be, I wish I could have met him! He remided me so much of my father, gave everything but asked for nothing back.Probably the most loved geordie ever, even in Middlesbrough !!

Heather Galloway
A wonderful man and manager that will never be replaced, a true gentleman.

Gayle Bolton
One word; LEGEND. I've just been to the ground and reading the messages and tributs its clear to see just how much he means to people. He will be sadly missed. RIP Sir Bobby xx

sir bobby ledgend

stephen edgar
Thank you Sir Bobby for leaving me and thousands of others with some fantastic memories, RIP Bobby

Sean from Dubai
Met him at an NSPCC charity do about 3 years ago - he made time for everyone who sidled up to his table asking him to sign shirts. One word - gutted :-( RIP SBR

Dave Edwards
Short and sweet really, I loved the apparent honesty of a sincere gentleman who touched the hearts of the footballing world. I think the gentleman part of that comment sums him up, success never got the better of him!I sincerely wish I lived closer to be part of a wonderful tribute!

Alan Wilson from Alnwick
Thanks for everything you done for the Toon R.I.P Sir Bobby

Alan, Gateshead
I was at St James' Park yesterday afternoon when Lady Elsie came along to see the tributes. As soon as she appeared everyone broke into a round of applause, and a few even sang "There's only one Bobby Robson". The atmosphere was solom but amazing. I'm glad I went along.

mick foster stakeford
we waited years for him to come home as our manager and let him go to soon,now we have lost him forever but we will never forget.deepest sympathy to all his family.gentleman legend hero

Tracey Harris
Sir Bobby, was an inspiration to the sport of football, a true gentleman with great integrity and will be sadly missed and lovingly remembered. God Bless Sir Bobby.

A true gentleman.

Ian Almond
From my ear;iest memories watching the 1990 World Cup aged 6 through to Bobby Managing Newcastle I always loved listening to what he had to say in interviews or reading his press releases. Bobby was one of the nicest and genuine football managers I have seen in the game. My heart goes out to his family and close friends. Thanks for the memories Sir Bobby!

well played bonnie lad

Laura - Consett, Co. Durham
A true Geordie legend who will never be forgotten. My thoughts are with his family. He did a fantastic job at Newcastle. They should name the east stand after him and build a statue of him too. Bobby you were 1 of a kind, and no one else will be able to compare to you. May you watch over St James Park forever more. RIP Sir Bobby xx

Veronica Crozier
Sir Bobby was a true gentleman, my sympathy goes to Lady Elsie and the family.

markie b
Sir you were an inspiration to us all.

John Blissett
There was a time during the late 60's, I was playing in a match at Calister Park in Vancouver, for Columbus F.C. I was aware that the Vancouver Royals were to choose a coach , the two candidates were Mr. Robson & F. Puskas. They chose the late F. Puskas, who I experienced first hand as coach. I am one of the many unknown players , but I have no regrets & many memories.I played in one game with Stanley Mathews in Toronto...Not that I played much , I was too overawed. One highlight I won't forget . At half time during the game at Calister Bobby Robson sent a message to the dressing room in which my coach told me he was very impressed with my game .Coming from him , I cherish his words to this day . Thanks Sir Bob , for the memories & the encouragement. It was good of you to pay me , an unknown stranger , such a compliment. I 'll always be grateful to you. RIP

andrew johnson in New Zealand
Haway Sir Bobby. The Toon never recovered from your departure. Go well

Tariq Choudhry (Pakistan)
I grew up seeing the great Sir Bobby Robson coaching various clubs. His enthusiasm and his bubbly character always amazed me. He never quarreled with anyone as he took the game as a passion. I will miss him and I am sure the world of fottball will miss him too...

sean potter, cornwall
legend in football but more impotant than that legend in life, may the 'hand of god' be with you, RIP Sir Bobby

Deborah Yorke
Through work, I have had the privilege of meeting Sir Bobby on a few occasions. His warmth and charisma shone throughout, he is a true Gentleman, who will be sadly missed. On our last meeting only weeks ago, he looked frail, but remained his upbeat happy self. He always had time to give me that same infectious Sir Bobby smile that captured mine and my collegues heart from the outset. Goodnight God Bless x

Len Lear
A true gentleman, one of the best football coaches in the world and we miss him here in Canada. I am truly downhearted and saddened at his passing. Yes, a good number of us have had tears in our eyes when we found out.

First off all we must not forget that Sir Bobby has a family and the deepest sympathy to them at this very sad time. What more can be said about the greatest football personality of our lieftime but, Thank you so much and Rest In Peace Sir Bobby Robson.

Paul - Eindhoven
In the fast and hectic world of football, Sir Bobby was a gentleman is all forms. A great coach and a great human. I am proud to met him in Eindhoven. He will be missed.

Chris - Essex
One of the finest specimens of the human race ever to grace this planet. God bless you SIR.

Kat - Ipswich
I met Sir Bobby as an eleven year old, one of a few ITFC season ticket holding kids from my primary school chosen to let off balloons behind the players at the twentieth aniversary of Ipswich winning the FA cup in 1998. On the way onto the platform on the Cornhill as the players faced the crowds with the cup, Sir Bobby made sure he turned around from the crowds for a moment in the midst of the celebrations and acknowledged us, he said how nice it was to have us there and how he hoped we were enjoying the occasion. I will never forget it, that such a legend of the game made the time to talk to us. ITFC hero and a wonderful man. RIP Sir Bobby.

Matt - Maidstone
So many people have said this, but, in a way,it says a lot about Sir Bobby: There are fans of EVERY club in england grieving this great man's death. In an often rediculously fickle world of football, he had the total admiration of all parties. Please Please Football Association...give the fans of all clubs the opportunity to publically mourn him in some special way that goes beyond "the norm". I do not think there is a football ground in the country where a two minutes silence on the opening day of the season would not be immaculately observed in his honour.

Roger - Derby
Bobby's words when we lost Cloughie were the most heartfelt of the lot and we loved him for it. He was a credit to the game, and a credit to the north east.

Peter Hodgson
Thanks for restoring Newcastle United between 1999 and 2004, those times are treasured Sir Bobby. Our part of County Durham will always be proud of you.

Leighton Yeo
Bobby Robson was a true gentleman. Years ago in 1978, when I was a student at Bristol Poly, me & a couple of pals went to see Bristol City play Ipswich Town at Ashton Gate. One of our number, Roger Fretwell, a staunch Ipswich supporter, insisted that Bobby always said "thank you" to Town supporters at away games. I didn't beleive him but Roger insisted & in the end Bobby shook us all by the hand & thanked us for coming along to see Town play. Incidentally, this was the only time I saw Norman Hunter play (for the Robins)- a vastly underated player who seemed to love football for the sake of it. I believe that George Burley was in the "Town". team. Bobby was an example for us to try to emulate & football & indeded the world is an emptier place without him.

Christian Moeller, Denmark
Sir Bobby represented for me the best in English football. Sportsmanship, hard working, gentleman, humility, great love of the game and a fighter. A sad time for all football lovers all over the world.

robert leahy ( coventry)
a football man through and through. a true gentleman

Jenny Griffiths
A gentle man loved and respected for just being himself - genuine.

Mrs Carol Brough
Fond memories of a lovely man, a true gentleman.Will be sadly missed.R.I.P.

Angela- Cumbria
A football legend he will never be forgotten.M deepest sympathy to all his family.

keith filleul
it is sad to here of sir bobby robson defth rest in peic my thout go to his family keith filleul from abingdon

Dan - W12 Blue
Sir Bobby was a legend and a gentleman. As an Ipswich fan he will always be special to us for not only what he did, but how he did it.

Sheila, Durham
To be moved to write about a man you have never met says much about the man. His seemingly never ending enthusiasm for life and courage in the face of his illness was truly inspirational. My thoughts are with his family.

The geordie nation should feel honoured that you were truly one of us - a gentleman and an inspiration to us all . Sleep in peace

D. Jones Newcastle Upon Tyne
I met Sir Bobby roughly 2o years ago when he came into a place I worked. I served him in a bar/restaurant where he was enjoying time with his family. I was unaware of who he was until I'd finished serving and colleagues around were fussing and stage struck by his prescence. He was so courteous, down to earth and a lovely man who was kind and offered to also buy me a drink. It's only in recent years I think back and remember what a grounded gentleman this man was. His family can be very proud of his ability to continue to be that way while mixing in the cirlcles he did.Many in his world of sport should take a leaf out of his book. God Bless and thoughts to his family.

Robert Chatten - Reading
I grew up in Ipswich in the late 60s and 70s. God, I was lucky! On a shoestring, he turned my backwater team into a European force, playing some of the best passing football of their time. Yes, we won the FA Cup, but you know we were stuffing teams left right and centre.. We beat Man Utd 6-0 - and missed 3 penalties! He was my footballing childhood hero. A part of my life has gone.

melissa sue jone from barry in wales
it is sad that bobby has die but we will not for get him

Jeff, Germany
A fantastic ambassador for the north east who can never be replaced, he will be sadly missed.

jeff ogle
He was just simply a great bloke who lived football & was respected by all who knew him.we'll miss you bob

Wayne Clark
Sir Bobby,Your heartbeat will live on forever in the hearts of the geordie lads and lasses.R.I.P wayne clark and family

Colin Shaw
R.I.P Sir Bobby,You were someone to look upto a true legend in your own lifetime you will be sadly missed by everyone With Deepest Sympathy to his family.good night sleep tight A Sunderland Supporter football won't be the same without you.

Thomas Ee, Singapore
You're a True Legend! Thank you for giving us all the wonderful moments in Football! Sir Bobby - You'll be missed!

Fiona (Tranmere) - Essex
Husband (Newcastle) & I met Sir Bobby at a book signing in Essex about 4 years ago. He appeared as one of the most decent, upstanding gentlemen you could ever meet. Quiet self assurance & steely determination was apparent. He must have been tired meeting & greeting all these people queueing to have a signature and a photograph, but he was calm and carried on. True British spirit & determination. For someone to have overcome cancer four times is quite something in itself. Howay, up there, Wor Bobby!

K. Ghent,
The world has lost a genuine gentleman. Lady Robson and her family must be so proud of the love and respect that people have for her husband. RIP.

Ann from Newcastle
you will be always in our hearts RIP

sharon boyce
an inspiration to us all - wether you like football or not - he was a true englishman with a great big heart x r i p xx sir bobby

Lynne, Darlington
RIP Sir Bobby, my thoughts are with your family.

Atrue gentleman not many left in the game of football RIP

Pat Graham
You touched everyones hearts, even when I sent you a card for your 70th birthday, you had time to reply! A gentleman to the end, you will be sadly missed. "THERE's ONLY ONE BOBBY ROBSON" Your name will live on through your unstinting charity work - never will be forgotten!

I felt an enormous sense of pride that Sir Bobby Robson was our own local hero. Although I wish all our Northern teams to do well, I'm not a football fan, so didn't have the opportunity to see Sir Bobby at the 'Toon.' However, I caught sight of him arriving by taxi to see the Tall Ships, and would have loved to have walked over to shake his hand. Sir Bobby was a fantastic ambassador & role model for football and the UK. He had an amazing enthusiasm for everyone who, and everything which, touched his life. He was a miracle worker. Sir Bobby you were a true legend, an icon and a saint. You will me missed by folk all over the world, but even more so by your friends here in the North East.

Jonny - Portrush
A true legend.Thanks to him for all he gave to us.

carole gleaves
My thoughts are with Bobbys wife and family. I too lost my husband of 52 years from cancer recently. My deepest sympathy

John Windsor
I am 54 years of age, born and bread in Newcastle and never been interested in football ( uncanny for a Geordie lad I know ) however, always interested in my fellow Geordies. Sir Bobby was an ambassador not only for football and Newcastle United, but for humanity, dignity and self respect - a totally honest forthright and sincere man, the region and the World in general will be a much saddened place without him. Sir Bobby will never know pain or suffering again and is now in a better place. God Bless you Sir Bobby rest in peace.

Heart-felt condolences to elsie , your boys and the family. Such a fine man , a gentle-man , a superb manager , top coach , great enthusiast , for life and football and a great and couragous battler in all he did. May he be a lesson to us all that if you try and believe you can suceed. I grew up '' knowing '' Mr. Robson , saw his great teams of the ipswich era and from then on i was in awe.I drove from the north west to greet Bobby and the team back to luton in 1990 , to be there was fantastic , an un-dieing memory i'll treasure always .He deserved more than he got from football but as he said himself , he was so lucky to be involed , well Sir Bobby , we all were so lucky that you was involved too. Love to you and your family R.I.P xx

Colin Charters ( Man Utd Fan ) Manchester
Sir Bobby ! You were a legend in your own right not only for every club you have been at but as a very very special honest person. england will always remeber how close we were in italia 90 . you will be sadly missed but not forgotten . RIP Big Man

Michael Chard
Even if you didn't know him, or didn't know what he did, you couldn't possibly look at Sir Bobby without recognising that he was someone SPECIAL -- and with a smile that never faded; no matter what!!

Neil Hutchinson
I help organise Sportsman's Dinners to raise funds for my school. We get sporting speakers, most of whom charge a significant fee.When Sir Bobby agreed to do our dinner a few years ago, he wouldn't take a fee: 'I'm not taking money off a school!'In the end, we paid a sum in lieu to two charities of Sir Bobby's choice. The dinner was a huge success - with SBR receiving a standing ovation even prior to speaking.As I met him outside the location and directed him to his reserved parking space, he was spotted by guests at a wedding taking place in another part of the venue: the bride and groom were called and SBR was happy to pose for photos before being dragged away by myself to our event. Never was a man so universally loved and admired.

I met Bobby a lot when I was little, his brother owned a shop and each year Bobby would bring one or more members of Ipswich Football Team to sign their Annual for that year. He was lovely, sorry to hear that he passed.

Angela Gardner
Bobby Robson was such a lovely man. He and the England team were staying in the same hotel as we had our wedding reception. He took the time to come and wish us all the best. a true gentleman. Our thougts are with his wife and family at this time.

little jean leeds
a true gent who will be sadly missed by all.a sad loss to football.our thoughts are with his family

Rach - Cornwall
R.I.P Sir Bobby, you were one of footballs greats and will never be forgotten. My deppest sympathy to his family.

Eric Gill
He never thought about himself, but, thought of players that had a struggle with the game, and he was their to help, wonderful man

A true gentleman in today's game for mercenaries. You take care, Sir Bobby - RIP

Neil Hardy
A great man and the world will miss him

carol and david (toon fans)
thanks for the memories a true gentleman till the end.

Brian Mouney
R.I.P. Sir Bobby RobsonA LOCAL HERO was Bobby.Everytime I here that tune played at St James' Park I will as from know on,I shall be sheding a tear. Thanks for being Newcastle United manager. Memories indeed. Newcastle United should re-name THE EAST STAND,THE SIR BOBBY ROBSON STAND with the largest letters they can find,for all the football world to see in his memory. R.I.P. Sir Bobby Robson.

Kevin Ager - Suffolk
Sleep Well Sir, The Busby Babes are expecting you!Inspiring!Passionate!Superb!Willing!Initiative!Charismatic!Humble!Terrific!Outstanding!Wonderful!Normal!Fantastic!Champion!How Ironic that Ipswich and Newcastle are due to meet this in the league season!What a day of celebration that will be!

Neville ITFC
thanks bobby for the best times ever ,nobody else could have achieved what you did with our club,i know you will be looking down on us at portman rd when newcastle come to town smiling at your two fav clubs standing together.sleep well mr Robson,a true legend

jimmy baxter
legend through out the north east

mike (tranmere)
if only the managers in the premier league had half his humility and decency, the premier leage would be a better place......sir booby, thanks for all the memories and my heart goes out to your family...RIP A TRUE ENGLISH GREAT!!!

David Dutch
Bobby was a colossus amongst us his humilty and ability to touch the lives of everyone will be a living testimony to how great he was.He never lost his roots no matter what accolade was given to him throughout is illustrious life and every self opinionated and egotistical player and manager in today's game should stop and try to emmulate a true Gentleman.He was everyone's favourite uncle and made everyone feel important when in his presence.Rest in peace our dear friend you deserve it.

John MacDonald
I first met Sir Bobby in 1984-85 when he was England manager, and our meeting was a direct result of Vauxhall Motors being sponsors of the FA. I worked within our company car operations, and as such, all of the FA's coaching Team (Dave Sexton, Mike Kelly etc) and other FA personnel were provided with Vauxhall cars which were changed every 6-8 months, so we got to meet these football icons on a fairly regular basis. Sir Bobby always drove a Jag in those days, however he wanted to purchase a vehicle for one of his sons. Upion arrival at our office he put everyone at ease, and despite being there to view our vehicles, he was keen to talk to all of us about football, and also sign autographs for a number of our colleagues within the company. Being a fellow "Geordie" he asked about my family background and we talked for ages about all sorts of things. I met Sir Bobby on several occasions and we also spoke on the telephone a number of times. His infectious manner has always served as a reminder of how you should always show humility and dignity no matter what your status in life. Many years later I was visiting family in Newcastle over the Christmas period 2001 and the toon were playing Man U. I went to the ground in the hope of being able to buy some tickets as my son is a big NUFC fan. Due to the demand we were unable to get in, so we went to the main entrance and watched the teams arrive. The fans were more interested in Sir Bobby thans the players and he spent a great deal of time talking and signing autographs, and my son also had his photo taken with him. Despite the number of years since we last met Sir Bobby kept looking at me as if to say I know your face but cannot remember your name and where I have seen you before. As he walked up the steps into the entrance of St James' he turned one last time and looked at me, I pointed to the Vauxhall badge on my jacket and he put his thumb up as if to say, now I remember. It's not only football fans that have lost out, the whole world has lost a true gentleman. As they say, "if you rise to emminence through merit, you will live respected and die regretted". I believe he served as the role model that we would like the current crop of footballers to aspire to. Our Best wishes go to his family.

Gordon Young New Hampshire U.S.A
Sir Bobby rose above club loyalty. He was one of those men who alwaysput more into the pot than he took out. whether it was football, his beloved Tyneside and most of all life. with all due respect from an exiled scouser may you rest in peace. you did enough in life.

Such sad news. What a true gentleman he was and will always be remembered as such. I think they broke the mould when they made him. Rest in peace.

Rachel Taylor
I only met Sir Bobby once, when he signed my copy of his autobiography "Farewell But Not Goodbye". He took the time to personally speak with everyone who was there and created a fantastic memory for me in such a few short minutes which I will never forget. A true gentleman.

Brenda Woods
I had the pleasure of meeting him when he presented me with a certificate after passing a sports injury course he had set up at Peterborough football club, He was a lovely man he will be sadley missed

Mike,(Boro fan)
I've led an rather univentful life,but have always been a staunch Boro fan.My one claim to fame is being allowed to sit next to Sir Bobby on a flight back to the UK after the European Cup Final in Athens in 1983.He chatted to me for a long time about 'footie' as though I was one of his sons,made me feel so proud he did.I often remember that day with a warm glow and will never forget your kindness.RIP Sir Bobby you were a great and a very brave man, one of the best.My condolences to your devoted family.

Paul Green
I met Sir Bobby back when he was England manager in 1990/1991. I used to play under 10 sunday football in the Derbyshire County Leagues and at the end of year presentations, the Council had sorted out for Sir Bobby to be the guest of honour giving out the prizes and certificates. Even though I was only 10 or 11 I remember that he took an interest in every single one of the lads he met and gave prizes to, and my team photo with Sir Bobby in the middle is one of my prized possessions.RIP Sir Bobby - A true King

Mark Thompson
RIP Sir Bobby from all the fans in Australia

Janice Elliott
A truly amazing gentleman an inspiration to many will be remembered forever.RIP Bobby and feel only sadness for the loss your wife and sons must feel.

Jock (SAFC)
Just wish that there were more people in the game of football and life generally like the late Sir Bobby. A true gent and great ambassador for the North East.

Took my nephew to his first ever game at Stamford Bridge few years ago. Sir bobby says "Sorry no more autograghs". I tapped him on the shoulder and explained my nephew wanted his autograph. Sir Bobby looked at my young nephew and said "OK NO PROBLEM "True gentleman. Brill Manager.

Freda Booth
My Sympathies to Lady Elsie and family. I hope they can take comfort from the fact that 'Wor Bobby' entered into so many peoples' lives and enriched them in an unassumig way. Along with Gazza I could'nt stem my tears.R.I.P.Sir Bobby Robson.

Jennifer, North Wales.
I was a teenager in Eindhoven during Sir Bobby's one-season stint at PSV in the late 90's. I'm not a PSV fan, my heart is with another team, but I love football as a game first of all and what Sir Bobby achieved with PSV in that season I could only respect and enjoy watching. As well as a fine manager, he seemed to be a thoroughly decent man and a wonderful individual, and his loss will be sorely felt.

Basil vassilis

Not just a loss for his family, his many teams or the game that was his life, but for the country. What a gent, what a man. His name will live on always.

A true source of inspiration to me, in the way he conducted himself whilst a manager and also off the pitch. A rare example of a genuine gentleman in the sadly money orientated world of football. Sir Bobby, your spirit and love for the game lives on in all of us. Thank you

I was among hundreds shuffling slowly towards the exit of Fulham Broadway station and I noticed a smaller older man next to me on my right. I thought 'I recognise him!' and then he winked at me! The England Manager was presumably going to check on a certain Mr Dixon. The game and football fans all over should miss him hugely. Thanks for the memories, Bobby ... and the wink!

Whatever the result, he was always seemed undefeated and he demonstrated this in the toughest way imaginable at the end of his life. I never remember him give a vitriolic or arrogant interview. Even if he didn't get his result, he remained upbeat and ebullient. A true gentleman of sport.

Mrs Pat Johnson
Sir Bobby was an icon - I've very little interest in football save to support Newcastle United and England but he was an amazing man who spread warmth all around him. Although I've never met him, I feel as if I've known him all my life. Those whom he counted as friends must feel truly honoured. Kind regards and deepest sympathy to his family.

Nigel Smith
My abiding memory of Sir Bobby is the dignity he displayed in 1990. England were so close to reaching the final; going out on penalties was a new cruelty at the time. With everyone else entangled in the great emotion of the moment, Sir Bobby was like a statesman, a column of strength. In that moment he brought great honour to the name of England. And a few days later, amidst the anger of a controversal World Cup final, it was Sir Bobby that collected the Fair Play trophy. This was a defining moment, because for years hooligans had dragged England's name through the mud. Sir Bobby's sense of honour and fair play helped change all that.

Ray & Pauline Grimes
The World will be a poorer place without Sir Bobby. He was an inspiration to everyone alike. You didn't have to be a fan of football as his aura shone through whenever you saw and heard him. God Bless

Howard, Ipswich
When Newcastle United played at Portman Road a few years back, before the match the crowd of around 30,000 were generally quiet. This all changed however when Sir Bobby Robson appeared from the tunnel. I have never heard a roar like it for a visiting manager. I think that says it all really. A true inspiration to all. Ipswich still loves you Sir Bobby, we will never forget. Rest in peace.

Neil Harding
Bobby, you were simply too good for what modern football has become. A class act - I don't think we'll ever see your kind again. RIP.

peverley\thomas family
r.i.p, sir bobby,sadly missed by many thankyou for what you done for football,gone but never forgotten,god bless you and your family,our best wishes to your family who should be very,very proud of the one and only sir bobby be missed and loved by many xxxxxxxxxx

Colin Roberts
I cried at the loss of one of Sports true gentleman. He stood for fairness, equality and the sheer joy of football. So many, if not all, of todays players and managers should think hard about what it is they do and why they do it and follow this great man's lead....Haway the toon, and farewell Sir Bobby

Bluebird Chris
What a great loss to the beautiful game and to the world. He was a true gent of football and was respected all over. You will be missed sir bob!

A great man never forgotten Rip.

From the Hyde family, Cramlington
A gentleman and had a fantastic football career admired by everyone who met him and he has left many happy memories with the fans of Newcastle United. We also had the privilege of seeing his Statue outside of Portman Road, Ipswich where he is also loved.

David, Ipswich
One of a kind. Thank you

Edith Robinson
My heart aches for you and I hope you find courage and strength at this sad time. Words cannot express my feelings. Sir Bobby will always live on in my heart. A truly remarkable gentleman the likes of which we will never have the honour to meet again. Night night Sir bobby. XXX

Alan Robinson
If only the world was full of people like Sir Bobby, what a wonderful place it would be.

RIP Sir Bobby! A true Legend, a perfect Gentleman and Mr Football all rolled into one! We're all gonna miss ya!!

What a Man, what a Manager, what a player...what other words can one say...he was simply the best!

sir bobby robson was like the guy down the road your uncle and your dad he was every thing to every one he will be sadley missed by all our love is with his family xx

Jez Swansea
Sir Bobby just struck me as a true gentleman in every sense of the word.His understated manner is a lesson to many inside and outside the game of how to conduct oneself.My thoughts are with his family at this time.RIP Sir Bobby

Gerard Howell
Sir Bobby just struck me as a true gentleman in every sense of the word.His understated manner is a lesson to many inside and outside the game of how to conduct oneself.My thoughts are with his family at this time.RIP Sir Bobby

Indy Silva
Sadly Living hear in New Zealand I can't lay some flowers at St. James' Park. RIP and thanks for some great footballing memories. You will never be forgotten.

A true gentleman right to the end, we will miss you Bobby.

Lynne and Andy Burgess, Nottingham
What a loss not only to football but to mankind. He was a "Geordie" and a "Gentleman".Our sympathy goes to his family and friends. He will never be forgotton.

In Floods Of Tears Last Night Watching The Tributes To You A Great Man Who Touched Many Hearts, A Great Ambassador Both To Football , The North East And Your Charity Who Is Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten. May You Rest In Peace. xx

Lets hope they build a statue to the great man in Newcastle. God Bless.

thomas carr
Our bobby was a man of the people in the n/east,he promoted this area and had time for anybody who wanted to talk to him.Brought newcastle to 4 th place in the league and look where we are now.Will be sorly missed in this part of the world. thomas carr blyth

Richard Quigley
For every tear I have shed it has been wiped away by a memory of a true inspiration to us all.Finally you can rest in peace Sir Bobby, never forgotten and always in our hearts.

I feel as though a member of my family has passed on. Hearing the news I cried , and still well up.A true gent, and caring man

Steve Brown
Condolences to Lady Robsonand Family,Sir Bobby was atrue Gentleman,with Pride for His Team,His home townof Newcastle, who showed great respect to everyonehe met,Dignity, and a greatdeal of courage,these wordssum up only one person,"Sir Bobby Robson" God BlessYou may you Rest in Peace...

HI you were a true gentleman and a real hero as well



RIP Sir Bobby, I just hope a little piece of you can rub off on those that you have left behind. This time must be terrible for your family if my feelings are anything to go by. I hope your family take the time to visit St James' to learn what you meant to us. It may just help them through these tough times.Thanks for everything; legend seems a small word to describe such a big man but it was appropriate in life as well as death, we’ll miss you Bob.

derek and beverley
we were very saddened to here bobby past away .a very genuine brave gentlemen.our condolences to lady robson and family RIP sir bobby

Ian (Evertonian)
ABSOLUTLY IN BITS AFTER BBC1S BOBBY ROBSON TRIBUTE met sir bobby one time on the quayside while we were gettin coffee. I asked for an autograph for the other half but didnt have any paper so had to go back to my lorry. Sir Bobby said "run or your paying for me coffee son". I still owe him that coffee we chatted about fottie for a few mins (we had a laugh seeing as I am an Evertonian) and he signed a crappy bit of paper i had in ma hand R.I.P Sir Bobby your a pure Gent. Condolences to Elsie and the rest of the family xxxx

Vi R
To most people Sir Bobby wasEnglish football at its very best. His family should be very proud.Perhaps the airport should be called Sir Bobby Robson Airport.

Alba 4232
The greatest manager that England ever spawned!My respect and sympathy to all who saw the true person Bobby Robson ! May God keep him and reward him for the example that he set. from Scotland with respect RIP Bobby Robson

Patricia Ingram
Deepest sympathy to the family of Sir Bobby, A legend and a wonderful son of the north- east.

R.I.P Sir Bobby Robson Footballs Gentleman . A massive loss to football. I am a Leicester City season ticket holder but he was a true legend to north east football.

Kevin Harper (York)
The greatest honour would be a per season tourement for the Sir Bopbby Robson Cup between Newcastle Ipswich Fulham PSV & Barcelona Rest in peace my condolences to Lady Elsie and sons to a true North East Local Hero

cathy harrison
Tyneside loved the man, his honesty, integrity, guts, and his sense of fair play. God Bless Sir Bobby.

Hazel Kirsop
RIP Sir Bobby Robson, A gentleman to the last, never to be forgotten x

Jake Sanderson
R.I.P Sir Bobby Robson You were a phenomenal person and great manager you'll always be missed and remembered. R.I.P

Dave Steele
A true gentleman, best manager Newcastle & England ever had. Sadly missed. Love to Lady Elsie at this sad time. x

Bob Graham (Sunderland Fan)
Good Footballer,Excellant Manager and a Great human being. If there wasn't a team in heaven, there will be now.God bless

Lady Robsons, has lost a husband, his children have lost a dad,Football has lost an icon, the best it’s ever hadNewcastle have lost a hero, who made the club stand tall,So Bobby you’ll be missed, by family, friends and all

Brian heron
A legend in the eyes of every football fan in the world.The 86&90 world cups still only seem like yesterday to me.Shouldn't have lost his job at Newcastle either,they could certainly do with him now!!!GOD BLESS YOU SIR BOB!R.I.P

Jacqueline Jenkins
Sir Bobby was a very courageous, warm, dedicated respected man who will be sadly missed in all walks of life.

Kevin Harper
R.I.P There will never be another Sir Bobby Robson a sporting legend his 5 minutes overation at the sport award tell it allMy condolence to his wife and family sadly missed

kevin maughan
Bobby,you were a true ambassador for the north east,a gentleman,a legend,we will miss you dearly!

Betty Hall, Gateshead
Sir Bobby was a true gentleman and never spoke ill of anyone. He makes me proud to be a Geordie.

jimmy boyle
rip sir bob a true geordie and gent a legend in are hearts miss you god bless

Denise and Chris Applewhite
We bow down to you Sir Bobby, you are the ultimate legend our hero in every sense of the word. We love you Bobby. Sir Bobby epitomised all that we strive to be. Thank you for everything that you so willingly gave to us, our memories are precious. Will love and miss you forever Denise and Chris xxx

Bobby had a passion and 'can do' attitude that was inspirational. Rest well our gladiator

kevin proud
a true local hero who will never be forgotten, R.I.P Sir bobby.

kelly and jordan
RIP sir bobby robson will be really missed by all and will be in our hearts for ever x

John Carruthers
A true legend and a wonderful human being,our huge loss is heavens great gain.So sadly missed,but always loved and never to be forgotten.RIP Sir Bobby.

colin milne
They don't make gentlemen like him anymore.Those sparkling blue eyes said it wishes to his family

rene and john flanagan
sir bobby was a man in a million your family must be so proud of him no one can ever replace him he was our god at newcastle he will never be forgotten god bless you and your family are hearts are braking with you xx

barrie vickers
He will always be remembered as the true gentleman of football. He will forever live in our hearts up here in the north-east where he was a tue geordie. RIP

A true gentleman and a great inspiration to all cancer sufferers. I hope his family find comfort in all the tributes to him.

Mick & Miriam (SAFC/NUFC)
We may be divided in our team loyalties but at this time we think as one. Sir Bobby was a true legend loved by all for his warmth for people. Our condolences to Lady Elsie and his family.

Sir Bobby, a true gentleman, a one off in a sport tainted by the vulgarity of money. A fitting tribute would be a statue involving this legend during stages of his remarkable life. Deepest sympathies to his family.

Pat and Michael
A truely great man our condolences to his wife and family.R.I.P

Kevin, Tottenham
What a loss to football, and the world in general. An extraordinary human being, a true gentleman...Name a Stand after are loved by all, and will be missed more...RIP Sir Bobby

Jim Little
Condolences to Lady Robson and the Robson family. Sir Bobby was a true inspiration to many both on and off the the football scene. His last battle against cancer was fought with dignity, he died the way he lived his life as a true gentleman. May he rest in peace.

Paula Mitchinson
Bobby Robson was a true gentleman of the game to use a cliche...but in his case he was the genuine article - professional, committed and honourable, something which is in short supply nowadays. God rest him.

My memory of SBR is as a gentleman in a world of football where good men rarely prosper. A fine and appropriate tribute to him would be an annual award "The Sir Bobby Robson Gentleman's Award". This would be awarded to the manager or player who showed the greatest respect for others. Gamesmanship, diving, feigning injury, mind games, influencing referees pre-match or criticising them post match would all lose credit. Sir Bobby Robson, football's true gent.

tom and june from consett
a good man in every sense of the word enjoy your football in heavencondolences to his family a man they can always be proud of

Karen Truman
Bobby was a great man and a true north east legend. The work he's done for charity is outstanding, and that he came out to support his charity in his lat few days just makes him a inspiration to us all.

Louise Brown
He personified everything good about football, as a player, and manager.But most importantly, he was a gentleman; who loved life, showed loyalty to and love for his region and his beloved Newcastle. He never forgot where he came from, he was adored by fans, will be missed, but will be forever remembered with devotion.A Geordie legend!

Alan Anderson
I will cherish for ever some special memories of Bobby. As a lifelong Toon fan I was never happier than when Bobby was there in charge, it just felt right, like being at home with your family and the man you loved and could trust at the head of it.

Graham Reed
Our paths crossed on 23Nov 1957 at The Hawthorns-It was my debut for Sunderland opposing Sir Bobbie an England international. Before K.O. he eased my nerves with a friendly handshake and good luck wishes and at final whistle had genuine words of encouragement, despite our 90 mins of tough opposition. I have never forgotten Bobbies genuine and thoughtful attitude that day and left me having great respect for him. It is no surprise to me he has achieved so much . A true Geordie Gentleman and a giant of a man has passed.

Andrew Gibson
You couldn't ask for more from the guy. Great football brain, great attitude, great achievments, great man, defiant and funny to boot.We've lost a member of our family! Rip Sir Bob

In memory of a very brave and loving man.

craig simpson
Legend, Gentleman, Icon. Forever in our hearts and minds. R.I.P Sir Bobby.

John Copping
Sir Bobby was a true gentleman and someone I am proud to say that he came from County Durham. As a miners son myself he stood apart from the image often represented of North Easteners of being foul mouthed louts and was a role model to be looked up to by all of us.May God bless him.

Rob Collins
R.I.P Wor Bobby, no more suffering (and i dont just mean your illness). Condolences to lady elsie and family. 100% geordie legend.

Andy, Valencia
We won´t see so much grief right across football fans for the parting of anyone. Not just at the clubs he is associated with but right across the UK and Europe tears are being shed.

Mike O'Riordan
A true gentleman and one who truly deserves the title of Legend. Not just for what he achieved in football as a player and a manager, but also in life, especially with his Cancer foundation. His memory will live on and I hope that now the club will agree to what a lot of fans have been calling for for a long time and that is to rename the East Stand the Sir Bobby Robson stand. If anyone deserves this man, this legend does.

Karen and Tony
A true lovely gentleman and legend. A grandad type figure and so down to earth.Rest in peace and God Bless.

Tom Bryson
A true gentleman,one in a million. RIP Bobby,you will never be forgotten.

Stella in Co. Durham
To Sir Bobby Robsons family : May your memories give you strength and may the love of those around you help you through the days ahead.

kenny anderson
A nice man...

Alan Millen
As the lyric-writing half of The Exiles (songs for and about the Toon Army), I sent Sir Bobby a copy of our CD The First Eleven shortly after his unceremonious departure from Newcastle United, as a gesture of thanks for all he had done for the club during his time in charge. A few weeks later I received in the post a hand-written, full-page letter from him, which I now treasure more than ever. He inspired us in many ways in our efforts to render in musical form the spirit of what it means to be a Newcastle United supporter. Alan Millen in Zurich and on behalf of my songwriting partner Tim Readman in Vancouver.

andrew gardner(esh winning)
i met the great man in 1983 when he came to visit us at our school(esh+waterhouses)just after an england match against east germany.He brought the pennant from that game and it was proudly displayed in the school corridor then signed autographs with all the kids.that is something i will never forget.he was a true legend.R.I.P

When I retired from my career I took a part time relief job with Chester-le-Street Council (Riverside). I was on reception duty the day Bobby took over the club & remember the feeling of nervous excitement as he made his approach. He was so friendly & natural (sadly unlike one or two of his 'star' players) that it was almost like meeting a long lost friend! He continued throughout his time at the Riverside Training Ground, to treat everyone as friends. We shared many a laugh talking about our upbringing in a colliery village etc: His wife Elsie would call in sometimes & again it was a pleasure to make her a cuppa & have a little chat!!! As a life long Newcastle United supporter I feel proud; honoured & priviledged to have met Sir Bobby! May I extend every sympathy to his wife Elsie & his 3 sons!!!

Bill Robson
Bobby represents the absolute very best that the North East can give to the rest of the World - Honesty, Loyalty, Hard Work , Generousity and Sense of Humour. I was at Esh Winning last Saturday watching my son play football. I made a detour on the way home to pass through Langley Park and Sacriston just to let my son see where the graeat man was born and brought up - It is now hallowed ground in my opinion. Bobby you were bloody great.

Ian, Newcastle
Sir Bobby, you were a true gentleman and a great inspiration to everyone. You will always be remembered with great affection. Devastated on hearing the sad news. RIP.

Gordon Hains
I am a Maltese living in Scotland. Was really sad to hear of the death of Sir Bobby Robson, he will be sadly missed. He always seemed to have a smile on his face, no matter what the out come was. A GREAT MAN

Jim, Cleadon.
Sir Bobby was an inspiration to all that knew him, his qualities were unique and above all a very genuine person who will be sadly missed

Andy Whitnell
A true gent. I met him at a book signing session 4 years ago and he had words and time for everybody that wasw queing up.

Garrie, Newcastle
Not really a footie fan, certainly not a Newcastle fan but overawed by the way he got off his a** when stricken with cancer to set up the foundation purely to help others - he surely knew it was too late to help him but his selflessness was an example to us all. great respect to a great man.

There are good people and there are God's people - Sir Bobby is both. RIP

David Rayson
God bless you Sir Bobby you were a example to all of us and thank you for some great memories

sheila and malcolm
We both shed tears at the sad news. What a wonderful gentleman we have lost, that was loved and respected by so many worldwide.Thankyou to his wife Elsie and family for sharing him with us. Our thoughts are with you all.

Graeme Tones
Sir Bobby was a great manager and a great human being, never showing a weakness, and always showing respect to others

David Atkinson
Sir Bobby will be long remembered by so many people. He was ever dignified, extremely determined and courageous, and was always helping people.


Ian Wallsend
A hero, a legend, a gentleman

David Hudson
Sir Bobby will be remembered most for being a wonderful human being, an inspiration to us all. That he was also a gifted football player and manager puts him amongst the truly greats. I will miss him. Love to all his family.

Devastated to hear the sad news.The world will be a poorer place without you.RIP

Eddie murphy

Christine Brayen
My toughts are with Sir Bobby Robson family on this sad day.Sir Bobby was a remarkable man both in his fabulous football career and the endless work he put in to the Foundation.I am very proud to say he was a "North East Lad" born and bred.His memory will live on forever in the North East and also in the WORLD.My Own Father was a massive football suporter and manager of 3 local football teams for too many years to remember. i can recall him talking about Sir Bobby.I have wonderful memories of those times as im sure Mrs Robson and all her family and friends will have and treasure them always.My father died aged 47 in 1982 so he never got to see the latter days of Sir Bobby's Career and i know in my heart he would have wanted me to pay my respects to Mrs Robson and all her i do . God Bless You All.

Brian, Wallsend
Sir Bobby was a great man, R.I.P.

Macaz, Wallsend
God bless you Sir Bobby x

Neil, Wallsend
I shed a few tears as I listened to the tribute programme on Radio Newcastle tonight. Sir Bobby, your England team at the 1990 World Cup first got me into football. Nine years later you took charge of my beloved Newcastle United. I've stacks of great memories from those times. You were a true gentleman - thank you for everything you did for the club. God bless you Sir Bobby.

Stuart Buckman , Southampton
I could not get much further away from Newcastle being a Southampton fan - But just wanted to pay respects to someone so 'Special' that will be missed by all. Thoughts go to his wife and family - Sir Bobby Robson - so humble - God Bless RIP.

The Moore Family (SAFC)
black &white stands shoulder to shoulder with red & white in honour of a true gentleman & a true football legend .RIP Sir Bobby

pure gentleman and a hell of an example to the game of football.....u will be missed..

Tony Gavin
Massive Sunderland fan but Bobby Robson transcends the Tyne-Wear divide - he was one of very few black n whites to get a good reception every time he came to the SOL or even Roker. Played against my dad for Langley Park against Cornforth Juniors in late 40's/early 50's and when my son and I bumped into him outside SOL he could remember every kick. He spent 10-15 minutes talking passionately about early memories of junior football in Durham - we nearly missed the kick off!We will never forget those golden moments - a truly great and humble man, the whole North East should be proud to honour one of our finest and for once all true Sunderland fans should forget their rivalry and join with NUFC fans in saluting a true legend. Sir Bobby Robson. R.I.P.

Fiona and Lee Cherry
Always loved and always be remembered. There is only 1 Sir Bobby Robson. Very Sadly Missed Rest In Piece xx

The world has lost a true legend, R.I.P Sir Bobby.

deborah wigham
sir bobby will be very greatly missed by all football fans everywhere in the world he was an icon he loved life he loved football god bless you sir bob

Andy, Bedlington
Sir Bobby's commitment, love, kindness, passion, desire, down to earth attitude and pleasantness are all a massive contrast to the things that today's obverated, overpaid so called superstars don't bring to the beautiful game. A massive part of the game has died today. RIP Sir Bobby and deepest sympathy to your family.

P.C, Switzerland
Farewell Sir Bobby, football, family, cancer and one of the peoples' hero's.

A Scot
What a tragic loss to the game. You were a gentleman Sir.

Lynda (N/cle) and Bob (S/land)
He did so much in football and with his foundation. He was always helping and thinking of others despite his own health problems. He's a true legend and a gentleman. He will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with his family. God bless you Sir Bobby. xxx

Alex Dwyer
Bobby was a superman in football. I wish he could see this comment now. Thank you for your years at Newcastle

tony mccarthy
im very upset to hear about sir bobby death, he was a great manager you could ever had in football and i reailly do like him because he is a good man sir bobby and i will miss him alot, my thoughts goes to his family and friends at this moment of time and i will let you rest in peace bobby god bless

We will always remember the great times at St James' Park when wor Bobby was in charge, things will never be the same again without his smiling face to grace the place. He will now be selecting a winning team in heaven, no doubt! We will all miss him and send our love to Lady Elsie and family xx

jean morrison
What a brave and inspiring man. My thoughts are with his family at this terribly sad time.

R.I.P SIR BOBBY a true gent and a asset to our beloved club my thoughts are with ur much loved wife and your sons

martin, cramlington
A really nice guy has gone and will never be replaced, i worked with sir bobby on a couple of occasions, and he was always smiling and happy to speak to people, nothing was ever a bother to him. You will be missed Sir Bobby.

Audrey Robinson
I once had the honour of sitting behind Sir BobbyAt the Arena watching Cliff Richards perform he was with his family and still found time to speak to his many fans a true gentlemanwill be greatly missed.

Jordan Cronin, Newcastle
sir bobby robson you are such a great man and a football icon to this world without you theres no football anymore rest in peace you deserve every minute of it ull be missed

Gordon Johnstone
What a man! Tyneside will never be the same again without our legend Sir Bobby. I am ever thankful for having lived his era. His memory will live forever. Deepest sympathy to you all. Gordon.

Deborah Jones
The courage, the passion, the humanity. A real man whom I have admired. His legacy will help many sufferers of cancer for years to come. Thank you Sir Bobby.

alex williamson
total legend, what a hero you will be missed by millions, your spirit shall live on in football forever, r.i.p sir.

Dave (sunniside,Gateshead)
SIR BOBBY ROBSON A man of 3 passionsLife,football and being a Geordie, RIP Sir bobby forever in our thoughts.

dover family

Malcolm Dawson, Wallsend
Bobby, there is only one way to describe you, Simply The Best, you were a giant of a man not only in the North East but across Europe, a person who was a true gentleman, someone who had the respect of everyone who came across you, you will be sadly missed by everyone. RIP Bobby

I never met Bobby Robson & like the many today I feel for the loss of this gentleman of football. He was as has been said a true gentlman of the game which he loved, but to me he also was a gentleman of life. He set the standards to which the rest of us should strive to achieve in our own personal lives. If we can do that then the world will be a much more safer & pleasant place to live. Rest in eternal peace gentleman bobby

Paul Rackstraw
The most successful England manager away from home soil, a fantastic domestic manager. A man who so nearly caused me and all Sunderland fans years of gloating from Newcastle fans. RIP Bobby. You will be remembered forever, a true English no, World Legend!

Michael Cain
Them upstairs gained another GOD today. There isnt enough words to describe this legend, you mean so much to me and others. You gave me 1 of the best nights of my life in Rotterdam in that dramatic 3-2 win pleasure to say i was there. My thoughts are with Lady Elsie and your family RIP Sir Bobby. Gone but never forgotten xxxx

alan sanderson
without doubt the best manager newcastle and england ever had,, a true legend who will never be forgotten,, RIP SIR BOB

Phil Crosby
No matter what team you supported, every football fan held Sir Bobby in such high regard. A gentlemans gentlman.

John Newcastle
A gentleman to the last. You will be missed

george brace
condolences to Bobbies wife and family a great lose to all from the North East he ill surely be missed by all God Bless and enfold you in his arms always

dave hewitt durham
r.i.p.sir bobby god bless your in our prayers our simpathy goes out to your family your a legend you were a god you will be mised by all god bless YOU NEWCASTLE SHOULD OPEN A SIR BOBBY ROBSON END GOD BLESS r.i.p.

Charlie and Jen Durham
Bye Bye Sir Bobby and God bless,a perfect gentleman,a legend and an ambassador not only for football but for the north east and the country as a whole,we are proud he was a geordie lad.xx

Barry, Chesterfield
Knew it was coming but had a tear in my eyes allday. Goodbye and thankyou for all you did for the game we all love. From all at S.W.F.C.

So sad that we have lost our black and white Knight.Best tribute we can pay is to join together to rebuild our once great club as Bobby would have wished.R.I.P.

Rab/rangers scotland
bobby was a legend and was the best of all managers, can't belive your gone bobby you were a true gent and warm man r.i.p bobby we miss you?

My thoughts are with his family. I hope they can take some comfort in the fact he has touched so many people by his love and respect of sport.

Wendy Nicholson
A True Legend and Gentleman, there aren't many managers about you can say that will be sadly missed..Can still picture your lovely smile on Sunday Night at St James - RIP - Sir Bobby xxx

Don Robson
A Great sadness has descended on Tyneside,Sir Bobby may have gone but the legend will always live on in peoples hearts.I will miss him a lot. Condolences to his wife and family.

Gone from our lives but no from our hearts never to be forgotten R.I.P

Jean Cressey
A nation mourns a great, great man the like of which will NEVER be repeated.Thank you to a true Geordie gentleman.May he spend eternity doing what he loved, talking football, with the other greats sadly past. Sir Bobby Robson. The Geordie nation mourns

ann jobling
as a mackem i can remember when sir bobby was the manger of ipswich town,then when he got the england job i was over the moon good times are coming, but now the good times are now the in heaven, or what fun will be had, i will always have good memorys of you.r.i.p god bless.

today is the day that football died.

Dallas Woods, Manchester and Bellingham North Tyn
Hi.What can one say about a man who was a perfect Gentleman and had time for everybody.He will be sadly missed by many many people not only in the North East but all over the country and the world at large.I as somebody who comes from the Area have been up to this year a season ticket Holder at Newcastle united and i well remember his coming as the manager and the good times that we had under him,the club has not been the same since he left. He was as i have said above the perfect gentleman and we should all be grateful to him for his sheer presence.A very sad day.

John Muldowney
I would like to tell you a story that still stays with me today. In 2000 I took my son then 9 year old Declan to see Leeds United reserves versus Newcatle United reserves. After the game many kids where collecting autographs and my son Declan proudly showed me Alan Smiths, I expalined he should have gotten Bobby Robsons. I expalined who he was and he was promptly refused admission onto the Newcastle coach to ask for Bobbys autograph. Declan went to the side of the coach and waved to Bobby who immediately told the driver to admit Declan onto the coach. He sat Declan down signed his autograpgh book and told my son what a pleasure it was for HIM to meet my son and shook his hand. What a man, you just cant buy genuine rapparot with fans in this day and age. God Bless Bobby!

Bobby has been the life of my football as long as i can recall.Sorry to hear of his dimise as my wife sadly lost her life from the big COct 04 last year after a nine year fight with the villane.My heart felt wishes to all bobby's familey

Joe McNaney
A true gentleman in every sense of the word and the model of dignity,humility and graciousness that we can we can only ever aspire to.A very sad and deeply felt sense of loss.

steve taylor [sunderland]
as a avid sunderland fan i was devestated to hear the news of sir bobbys passing this morning can i pass on my deepest condolences to bobs family and friends r.i.p. so bob a true gent

Gemma Armstrong
What can I say other than he was a kindhearted gentleman who had time for everyone. I will cherish the memories I have of working at St James Park and feel so privileged to have known such an amazing gentleman. He is a true Geordie Legend who will be sadly missed by us all. R.I.P Sir Bobby xx

betty rix
awe Bobby our canny lad always a true gentleman i am so sad the world would be a better place if more could walk in Bobbys shoes.

Bill Dobson
A very sad day. We have lost, what is, in today's world, that rare thing, a true gentleman. Sincere condolences to all his family. He will be remembered with affection.

a true gentleman,a northeast a sunderland season ticket holder and the news of sir bobby's death reduced me to tears.he wasnt just loved by newcastle but by the whole football world. if only there were more like him,football would be much better for it! the current newcastle board & players should hang there heads in shame for making this lovely old man witness what has happened to his beloved football club!!

Mal Co Durham
He was a great ambassador for the North East respected by all supporters our thoughts are with his family now God Bless bobby

Carol Heddon Washington.
An insporation To Others,A True Gentleman,Who will be sadly missed,but will be free from his suffering.God Bless.x

A sad day, Bobby a true gent and a North East Legend, you will be missed, R.I.P Sir Bobby.

Iain Colquhoun
Bobby will be sadly missed by all sports fans around the world. Irrespective if your a football, rugby or any other sport, everyone enjoyed his pleasure for football and life.

Billy Liddell
sir Bobby was one of the true gentlemen of the footballing world.He will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

shirley o'hare.
Sir Bobby Robson was a true legend who earned alot of respect from the Newcastle fans for his managerial years & honours to the city! who will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Sir Bobby Robson

R.I.P SIR BOBBY ROBSON. A great loss not just for football but for the north east.Will be missed but never forgotten.

Carol Heddon
An insporation To Others,A True Gentleman,Who will be sadly missed,but will be free from his suffering.God Bless.x

david ternent
i remember a gentlemam who took newcastle to great heights in the premiership a sad day gone but never forgotten r.i.p sir bobby goodnight and godbless

Ray Gowland
God Bless Bobby!They surely broke the mould after Bobby.A sad sad day for the north east and football in general.Our thoughts are with Bobby`s nearest and dearest.Sleep well Bobby.

Farewell Sir Bobby,you were a true gent & a great n the world of sport,not just football but world wide recognition is what you dserved.Thanx for the memories,you will be sorely missed by all,RIP.

Norma and Kevin Stephens
On holiday in Madeira we only needed to mention we come from Newcastle for locals to exclaim, "Bobby Robson". We enjoyed special welcomes because of him. He was a local hero there as well as here. Sadly missed.

Gone from our lives but not from our hearts a true gentleman even outside sport will always be remembered R.I.P

Anthony Beaumont
A True Legend and Icon in The Football World never to be forgotten as a great manager. R.I.P Sir Bobby Robson

Jim Patterson
He wasn`t just the manager of Newcastle - HE WAS Newcastle, he once said if you cut me I would bleed black @ white! We have not only lost a great football legend but a magnificent GENTLEman. God bless your soul Sir.

CC + From South Shields
I May be a Makam but there was no one beter then Sir Bobby Robson, (R-I-P). A true Gentleman in every way. x x


James and Sheila Batey
We never had the pleasure of meeting Sir Bobby, but the sadness we feel is unexplainable. He was a great man, a wonderful ambassader for the north, he will never ever be forgotton.

shirley o'hare.
Sir Bobby Robson was a true legend who earned alot of respect from the Newcastle fans for his managerial years & honours to the city! who will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Sir Bobby Robson

Yvonne Wilson
so so sad at the loss of the wonderful Sir Bobby Robson, a true gentleman in every way, a true legend as he always will be, and a true geordie through and through. He will always be remembered for all his outstanding achievements throughout his football career. We all love you Bobby, your at rest now, god bless xxx

Anne & Steven ( Newton Aycliffe)
Our condolences go to his wife & family in this sad timeR I P SIR BOBBY ROBSON NEVER FORGOTTEN

What can anyone say about Bobby,a gent - legend - a truly wondefull man,the North East has lost a beacon,all my thoughts are with his wife and family,RIP Bobby and thanks god bless.

Ian (Newcatle fan)
A true Geordie legend who will never be forgotten in the hearts of Newcastle and every football fan.

Nigel Reeves
Its a sad day even though it was expected, ive been a Liverpool FC and Football fan for 40 years and to me the nicest man connected to football was Sir Bobby Robson, I saw him afew ago at Anfield before Rafa was named manager and for afew days thought Sir Bobby might have been named Liverpool Manager, unfortunately he wasnt, A true Gentleman in a game lacking in gentleman sometimes, His knowledge of the game was only surpased by his passion for it, he will be greatly missed by an awfull lot of people and football fans around the world

david h
Sir bobby my heart goes out to you and your family you are a true NORTH EAST LOCAL HERO as for me you have not gone but just resting your eyes i'm sure you'll find away to let us all know your here with us still R.I.P no words can say what you ment to us all good night bobby.x

Legend, Gentlemen, Honest, Straight,A man of the highest integrity,one of THE greatest Managers of all time,Certainly Newcastes greatest, Hero, Brave to the end.

judith cooke
he was a good man a good managerand it is a shame that he has gone but everyone will still remenber him.

Truly a great man, it was on honour for anyone who met him, it is a huge loss for football and the North east! RIP

John Lillystone (Middlesbrough Fan)
Today we say goodbye to a legend, Tomorrow we remember your legacy. Legends are never forgotten R.I.P SIR BOBBY you will be sadly missed by all.

steve dalton
rest in peace Bobby just wish every one had your morals and dignity

Amanda and Colin Williams
We think he was a gentleman,and icon of the north east, there wounldnt ever be like hime ever again,the best of the best.god bless.

colin and carole young
the whole of the north east should bow thier heads in sadness at the loss of sutch a great man

lesley lewins,
R.I.P Local Hero. X

I am not a football fan but Sir Bobby came over as a true gentleman and a great ambassador for the sport.May he rest in peace.

craig surtees
a true fans favourite everyone will miss him greatly shame he couldnt see newcastle win a trophy this year R.I.P bobby

John Hannon
Sir Bobby. One of Footballs best Ambassadors. A Gentleman, A Legend, A Geordie.My thoughts go to his family.R.I.P. Sir Bobby (Wor Bobby)

phil reid
what michael jackson was to music our bobby was to football he is a true hero and will never die in our memories

mala ankers
am so sorry for your loss sir bobby was a legend and the best manager the toon has ever had. RIP sir bobby robson

A true gentleman and fighter. He will be sadly missed not only by the football fraternity but by the whole of the north east. Red and white or black and white, it doesn't matter, Sir Bobby was and is a legend. Rest in peace x

Helen Pemberton
I went down to Cardiff to see Newcastle play Man Utd in the FA Cup & we were walking down a street & I turned round & their was Sir Bobby with his long mac & cap on just strolling down the street on his own & without thinking I went across & said hi Bobby went to shake his hand & he opened his arms out & give me a hug enjoy the game pet he said!!! A marvellous gentleman. A huge miss

charlie duffield
he was a true gntle men and loved by evry 1 will be sadley missed

Andrew Murdy
I love you Bobby, RIP and thank you for everything

Helen Parry
Bobby Robson was an inspiration. Very few grow to be as good and kind as he was. We should all try to be a bit more like Bobby.

A true gentleman and inspiration who was much loved and will be sadly missed.He taught us whatever you choose to do you do it with passion and heart.

Steve, Low Fell
The world of football will miss sir bobby. He WAS the number 1 man in world football. He'll be watching the matches from the best seat in the house now. Rest in peace.

Chris, South Shields
Im a die hard Sunderland fan, but never have i admired a man like Bobby, great footballer, great manager, a true warrior and inspiration, thank you so much sir bobby! RIP!

michael nappin
Simply the best. R.I.P. Thoughts and prayers to Lady Elsie and Family. Much loved and respected.God bless you Sir Bobby.

gary and carol walton wallsend
you meant the world not only to the geordie nation but the whole nation and beyond.a true gentleman,you will be sadley missed by many sir bobby our thoughts are with your family during this very sad time.thankyou for all the wonderful football memories,italia 90,europe with newcastle the list is endless.god bless

Anne & Derek Warren
Our condolences to Sir Bobby's family. A true gentelman who will be sadly missed not only by the North East but by the whole world.

Steve Hastie (NUSC)
I met sir Bobby four weeks ago when presenting a cheque to him for the foundation on behalf of the newcastle united supporters club. Despite being unwell he made time for everyone and it was a very humbling experience. Condolences from all at nusc to lady robson and the family. The football world is a sadder place tonight. SBR, Gentleman and geordie.

Mick Simpson
Not being a football fan at all and generally not the slightest bit interested in it (although naturally I like to hear that local teams win) but news that Bobby Robsons passed away today has upset me. He was a proper gentleman and a good all round northern 'bloke'. Living in Handenhold Bobby wasn't too far away from here. We have lost a good man and are all poorer for his passing. Our thoughts must be with his family. Mick

The Dobson Family
So Sad to hear the news this morning of the passing of such alovely man "Sir Bobby"Our thoughts are with his family, he will be sadly missed..

A true gent in every way. Honoured by all and all who met him. A great loss not just for football, but the noerth east and England. RIP

Joan harris
His joy & pride at coming to manage NUFC was wonderful, but the hurt & humiliation at being sacked was not. A man of the people & a fantastic human being who bore his illness with great dignity. R.I.P.


Linda Anderson
His passion for the game, his loyalty to NUFC and his true humanity have made Sir Bobby a giant among men. He will be missed and remain forever in the hearts of us, the geordie faithful.

Bill Anderson
Sir Bobby Robson.Just an ordinary Geordie bloke who lit up the whole North East region.He will be sorely missed.

They should fetch a Bobby Robson £5 note out, the guy is a legend.

Sir Bobby Robson was a gentleman and a legend. If i could be of the same gentleman stature i would be proud. All sporting events how big or small whatever sport. He was definitely an ambassador to sport in general as well as football. RIP.

Sir Bobby Robson was one of the best-loved and most respected figures in football. He will be sadly missed by all, espcially the Geordie nation. We love you sir bobby.

Pam Keen
a lovely "gentlman" of the game.I just adored him. A sad, sad day but he is no longer suffering bless him. thought and best wishes to his family on this sad day.

Yorkshire geordie
I ve never met Sir Bobby but listening to all the respects being paid bringsa lump to my throat and later when I am home I may shed a few tears. A True Gentlement. My thoughts go to his family and friends. From A Geordie who's lived in Yorkshire for just over 42 1/2 Yrs.

Helen - Chester-le-Street
The North East won't be the same without you. You will be a huge miss.

Colin and Anne Craggs
Sir Bobby is a legend and he will be sadly missed.Condolences to his wife and family.

jacky hopper
i follow all local teams and have never felt so sad as i did on sunday when i saw how poorly he looked x he saw that his final charity match was a success thank god

David Dumble (berwick upon tweed)
The dignity of the man even when he must have been really low is a lesson not just for me but for mankind not many people can leave this world with their head held high you definately can PURE LEGEND RIP

Jan Galloway
The North East and football is poorer for his passing,he will be remembered as true gentleman and a great ambassador for the beautiful game.I never met him but I feel a great sense of loss and sadness.Heaven has a new football legend.

Brian clough once said football is a beutifull game. He was correct as sir bobby made it that

Brenda Cumming
I never met Sir Bobby but to me he was just like a favourite uncle . He wil be sorely missed

Sylvia Stevenson
Sir Bobby lived his life, both in the football world and the outside world in an manner which we all should strive to follow in his memory.God bless all his family.

I am currently living in Brisbane, and have just heard about Sir Bobby, And am very sad about his death.

Betty Wood
Sir Bobby was an icon both on and off the pitch. He will be sadly missed. Heartfelt condolences to his famly.

Keith & Trish
Bobby the sparkle in your eyes spoke volumes about your character, you will be a hard act to follow and never forgotten.

the Barnes family
so sad to hear of the death of wonderful gentleman Sir Bobby Robson.the most respected & loved man in football.sleep well Bobby,you,ve earned it.

Thank you for what you did for Newcastle United.You had a wonderful heart of Gold.You always live on in my memory.

Gordon Mogg
RIP Sir Bobby. What a sad day for for everyone in football. It is like loosing a family member Thanks Sir Bobby for all you did for NUFC, the region and England. You are a true legend in every respect. You will be sadly missed. Our love and thoughts are with his family

Jim Graydon
He was a proud Durham Lad and a Gentleman He never forgot his roots in the coal fields

steven hewetson
As a manager myself I have always thought of Sir Bobby as a role model and someone who inspires me to be the best at what I do for a living.His man management was an example to anyone who manages in any profession he inspired his team to deliver the best they could and they did it for him and he won a nation of fans along the way. If I can achieve a tiny bit of Sir Bobby’s success in my role then I will be a proud man.Thanks for your inspiration Bobby you’re a true Geordie gentleman

David Nealings
You where a True Gentleman and an Inspiration to so many people. Your smile has lit up Footbal Stadiums all around the World.

Beverley, Newcastle
I just want to say thankyou for allowing everyday folk mourn together, such a special man from such a special club. thankyou.

Wonderful man, icon and a gentleman not a better bloke in football. He'll be with Bob Stokoe and Brian Clough now.

Molly McKay
We may have lost a good man, but may our memories of him live on forever.

Ian Newcastle
An inspiration and North East legend, you will be missed Sir Bobby.

Boro fan
Im a Middlesbrough fan. Saw bobby when he was with Ipswich. After a draw with boro at the hotel he put his arm round me introduced to full ipswich team. What manager would do that? I was 16 at time, now 44.

Howard, Northumberland
Sir Bobby, A Sad Loss to the world and particular the North East which he loved, I have fond memories of catching a Flight from Newcastle to Dublin when Sir Bobby was involved with the Irish league, He was swamped by both on the plane and in Dublin by supporters, he joked and laughed with everyone he met. He will be a sad miss.

Jacqui E
Always came across as a really lovely decent man. He has left a wondeful legacy in his work for his cancer charity as well as the world of football. Sincere condolences to his family. Rest in Peace, Bobby.

Jonny Colling
He was a true gent and a hero to all the people of the north east. Rest in peace Sir Bobby

He was a man who was true to his fans fans. The world would be a better place if only their were more like him.Great man sad loss to all who new him.

Tom - Copley nr Barnard Castle
There will never be another Bobby Robson, not just in football but in all walks of life. God be with his family at this time and let them realise he will never be forgotten.

Sue Dollimore
Met Sir Bobby couple of times other than SJP, at the arena & Sage, shook his hand & he said "Just call me Bobby pet" a wonderful man a true Gentleman who will always be remembered in the North East R.I.P Bobby our thoughts are with you & your family God Bless xx

Bobby Robson was a great man. An example of drive and ambition throughout his life. Even in later years, he was a fine ambassador for football in the North East. Perhaps it provides a little perspective on recent events at St James'Park. He will be greatly missed.

Ronnie Nairn
i was an ametuer boxer for years, football came first at times due to figures like Bobby robson,and that comes from a sunderland supporter. god bless you.

Denise, Westerhope
It's unfair that such a good man has been struck by such a terrible disease. He was an absolute gentleman, and he gave Newcastle a good name.

He was such a wonderful guy, it's so terribly sad to hear of his death. He did so much for Newcastle, and he went to town doing charity work when he found out he had cancer. He is an inspiration.

John, Newcastle
Robson is THE Messiah. He was a great, great man.

Albert, Gosforth
I'm so sorry to hear about his death. It's such a big loss for the community and for Newcastle football club

Peter, Fenham
It's terrible news. I've supported Newcastle all my life and he's been the best thing that's happened to the club in the past few years

Jon, Blyth
Bobby signed my T shirt at the Great Nnrth Run a few years back True legend.

Jeff, Newcastle
I can't believe he's gone - he worked so hard for Newcastle, and did so much for charity, too. He is a legend and won't be forgotten

Stuart, Washington
Bobby was a brilliant man for Newcastle and for the football club. His death is a loss for both.

Ending of an era to say the least. A real gentleman of the game and a real gentleman of sport – such an exemplar for young sporting people. The Toon Army will send you off well Sir Bobby.

Keith Tilmouth
A true legend that sums up how football should be. Rest in Peace Sir Bobby, you will always be remembered and never forgotten.

Legend is a word thats often used...but it suits this man...this gentleman to a "T".A True Legend, a True Gentleman, and a True Geordie. RIP Bobby you will never be forgotten.

Pat, Morpeth
Aside from his considerable contribution to football Sir Bobby was an inspiration to all of us who have had cancer or are fighting it at the moment. A sad loss.

I still have my 60th birthday card from the great man, he will never be forgotten i loved the man.

I did not know him, do not support football, but feel upset at losing a friend universally respected and much loved he will be sadly missed.

Margi, Brandon
What a shock about Sir Bobby what a great man and lovely genuine person gone but will always be remembered, sad day for the north east x

The smile on Sir Bobby face when Big Al scored that penalty on Sunday will stay with me for the rest of my life, that is what football is all about. When I first heard the news I was so upset but as the day goes on I find my self smiling that 'Sir Bobby smile' while remembering a gentle geordie gentleman.

Lyanne Davies, Belford
Devastating News! I hope his foundation will find a cure one day very soon for this dreadfull disease. My thoughts are with his family. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. God Bless x

Margy, Sunderland
What a sad day for the north east. May sir bobby rest in peace, a brave and true gentlemen. Im sure i speak for the majority of sunderland.


My husband picked sir bobby up in his taxi he obviously was not well but he still graciously gave my husband his autograph for me. A true gentleman who will b sorely missed.

Gayle, Haltwhistle
My sister Ailsa got the all clear yesterday. More people will get good news because of the charity work Sir Bobby has done. I'm so glad we were there on Sunday to celebrate his achievements. God bless a true Geordie Gent.

David Sorsky
My memory of Sir Bobby was,meeting him in the Foyer of the Copthorne Hotel,Newcastle Quayside and being too scared to talk to hom.I wish that I did.A true gentleman.God Bless.

Ryan, Newcastle
I was lucky enough to meet him a few months ago at his home and the chat i had with him and his wife was a total privlege. The work he done for the charity is testamony to the man and i send all my love to his wife and family.

Alan, Gateshead
Bobby Robson showed just what Newcastle could do, he brought out the best in all of us.

Peter, The Netherlands
First I will say that my heart is with him, his family and all his friends.I met him twice when he was with Newcastle United playing UEFA in The Netherlands. A very nice person, a father figure, a gentleman and an icon!R.I.P. Sir Bobby Robson!PeterThe Netherlands

Denise Lawrie
I'm so devastated at the loss of such a great man, my heart goes out to his wife and family. A true gentleman, not many of them around and the world is a sadder place without him. RIP Sir Bobby, x

The Page family
We were at newcasle airport we saw Bobby Robson in his car we wanted to go over and meet him but didnt want to bother him.Eventually my husband took my son over to see him we need not have worried he was the perfect gentleman and my son came away with his autograph.A lovely man.

kyles scott
sir bobby robson was the best manager of newcastle united i am gutted abit upsetkyle scott wallsend

Paula Short
Sir Bobby, your sad passing has opened my own personal last I've cried. RIP Sir Bobby, and Vera and 3 local heroes xxx

Sir Bobby Robson, was an absolute gentleman to the last. His memory but never be allowed to be forgotten for not only what he for Newcastle United but lets not forget his legacy across the world of football. He led England to world cup semi finals, he won in Spain and in Portugal. He may not have won a trophy with Newcastle but he did win the hearts of every single supporter. Rest in peace Bobby I will never forget what you did for football.

Legend gives memories of better times at NUFC.

A real gentleman.Very, very many people will miss him but right now my thoughts are simply with his family.

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