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13 November 2014

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Jonathan Mason as Alistair Fury

Jonathan Mason plays Alistair Fury

The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury

A children's TV series filmed entirely on Tyneside was named best drama at the 2008 Bafta Children's Awards.

The days of Byker Grove and PJ and Duncan may be over but now a new children's TV series filmed entirely on Tyneside is making a name for itself.

The Revenge Files of Alastair Fury, which first aired on CBBC in January, has won the 2008 EA British Academy Children's Award for best drama.

Jonathan Mason in Alistair Fury

Alistair gets up to lots of mischief

It beat off stiff competition from The Sarah Jane Adventures, Summerhill and Young Dracula.

The series, which is full of mischief, fun and gunge, is based on the books The War Diaries of Alistair Fury by Jamie Rix, who also wrote and produced the TV series.

It follows the antics of 11-year-old Alistair as he hatches up weird and wonderful ways to get revenge on his family, friends, and anyone else that deserves it.


From letting rats and stick insects into his mum's kitchen to putting a snake in his sister's bedroom, Alistair and his gang, The Revengers, are inventive in their mischief to say the least.

Jamie Rix says that the inspiration for Alistair came from his own experience growing up. "I've got an elder sister who used to do appalling things to me when I was a boy and I've got a younger brother who I used to do appalling things to in return.

"I felt I had to say sorry to him so I wrote the book giving him the opportunity to come up with some appalling revenges on me. So Alistair is my little brother, I am the big pig of a brother called William and my sister is the big sister called Melanie."

Metro bridge near Wallsend

You can see familiar places like this Metro bridge

Filming on Tyneside

Although the show is set in a fictional town it was filmed completely on Tyneside, at the old Tyne Tees studios and on location in places like Gosforth, Jesmond and Goathland Primary School in Longbenton.

Jamie says he loved working on Tyneside and that having everything so close together in comparison to facilities in London was a real benefit.

"Everyone was such a close knit unit that we were able to engender this sense of family and I think it paid off. I think the show looks like the cast actually know each other because they were virtually living with each other [during filming].

"And the facilities there [in Newcastle] were so fantastic that I just couldn't find their like down south," Jamie adds.

Jonathan Mason, who plays Alistair, also told Mike Parr that he thought working in the North East was "really nice". Jonathan is 11 years old just like Alistair, but is he anything like him in real life?

"I never get up to as bad things as Alistair does in my home life," he says "but sometimes I'd quite like to!"

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created: 04/01/2008

You are in: Tyne > Entertainment > Entertainment features > The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury

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