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24 September 2014

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Great North Run 2006

Great North Runners cross the Tyne Bridge 2005
No turning back now!

Great North Run 2006 - your stories

Tell us all about your 2006 Great North Run experiences here. How was your run? What did you think of the course? How much did you raise - tell us all about it!

If you were a runner in the 2006 Great North Run this year and want to share your experiences with others, please contact BBC Tyne on the form below.

We will publish your stories, for everyone to read, on this page.

last updated: 24/11/06
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matthew noble
brilliant race, fair distances for each age.

Andy Shaw
For the guy trying to find an artist for a song "why eye man" was by Mark Knopfler.Well done to all who finished.I will be entering 2007 in memory of my Dad who died today of cancer.Good luck to all of the entrants for the next GNR

Its my first GNR and really excited that I took part in the world's best half marathon. I am really amazed at the way it is organized and the support from the people and the bands. This event will be in my memories forever

Steve Fisher
I ran the Great North Run for the first time last Sunday. Somewhere around the 12.5 mile mark I suffered a problem and must have blacked out as the next thing I remember is waking up in the field hospital on a drip. I'm finding it very hard to get information on what happened to me or finding out if I finished. I came away with my chip and no time is posted for me but I do have a medal? If anyone remembers seeing a late twenties male in RNIB T-shirt receiving attention somewhere near the finish I would be very grateful in hearing about it. Thanks.

This was my second Great North Run, and I enjoyed it even more than last year. The support was fantastic, thank you all very much, and I spent the first 6 miles just taking it all in, not really concentrating on speed. However I didn't walk or stop which I'm well chuffed with seeing as training went to pot! Trudged round in 02:14:51 which was only 4mins slower than last year, and I trained my **** off for that one! Bring it on next year! (already pre-applied!) Cheers.

Helen Hunt 38383
Was I the only one with tears of elation streaming down my face as I crossed the finish line? I don't think so. This was my first GNR (2hr 4min 48s), not my best time for a half marathon but definately the most euphoric event I've done. A big thank you goes to the organisers and their staff, and to the thousands of supporters that cheered us all on. I can proudly say that 'I DID IT'. I'll be back again for the 30th anniversary. James - sorry we never met up.

Maria S Mills
I note the comments made by Rich concerning being asked to go to the back of the field by a marshall, after trying to get into the red start area. I would like to mention that there were large signs actually indicating to the runners that all gates would be closed at 10.30am, and any runners outside the pens after such closure would be asked to go to the back of the start. These were plainly visible. With such vast numbers, and with what happened the previous year, safety was absolutely paramount. Rich, the lady you mentioned was not being stupid but was acting in everyone's best interests, and it is a shame that you and your friends acted in the way you did.

1st Great North Run. Unfortunately my knee started to give me grief at 7 miles and so I had to slow to a walk/hobble. The crowds were fantastic and to be honest, without the the support of total strangers I would not have made it. THANK YOU!! Hope to be back next year to get a proper time. PS: Took longer to get out of South Shields at the end than it did to do the run. Needs looking at for next year.

The last time I tried to run this distance was the month England won the World Cup!! Did get the doc. to check me over first, and did do some light training. It was brilliant - why did I wait so long? Started from the back (27 minutes to get to the start line), and stayed there - although over 1700 finished behind me. There were times when even I got slightly frustrated behind slow moving traffic but, apart from a balloon cord that nearly throttled me as it suddenly blew across, I wasn't held back. I got lots of friendly cheers along the way. Missed my 3 hour target by only 6 minutes - miles 8-12 seemed longer than the rest! But I was near enough, and am sure I can do better next year. Feel all the better for the experience, and the reduced waist line has been commented upon! Mustn't get beaten by that 20 person millipede next year - or the pair of clowns.

John J
My first GNR, not having run anything like this since the marathon boom of the eighties. Found it absolutely GREAT, will be back for another one next year. As for the organisation at the start I tend to agree with most that it was hampered by the slower participants positioning themselves at the front. I don't know what the solution would be perhaps staggered start times as the 'chip' will record your personal time. All the same it was a great experience and a great day, never been moved so much seeing so many people giving their time and effort for their choosen causes.

Tracey, Bristol UK
Simon & Keith, maybe your training needed to take accout for the fact you weren't the only runners and there would actually be other people there. Running in a straight line uses less energy than running around people. No need to get hung up on others physical condition, it's their problem if they don't finish.

Fantastic day, great atmosphere, well organised, everybody (runners, organisers, spectators) gave 100% to make the day brilliant. Loved evey minute

Heather Fenton
Did not run but was a member of the The Bangshees drumming band on the Tyne Bridge, just to say well done to everyone and its a pleasure to be part of such a fabulous day - see you next year!!

Cath & Ema
Our 1st GNR and it was fantastic! A massive thank you to all the crowds who came out to support everyone especially those with biscuits, sweets & hosepipes! You were amazing & made it so much easier!! Have already put our names down for 2007

Gail Chamberlain
First GNR and loved every minute of it (I can say that now it's over)! A huge big thank you to all the locals who came out to support, without them I dont think I would have done half as well, a huge big thanks to Lewis my running buddy who again I couldnt have done it without! Thanks to the kids who dished out the ice lollies - fantastic! Brilliant atmosphere, met some really lovely people on the way round, I remember hearing Scooby Doo helping someone along say "Run with the Doggy!" I thought the rock band were really funny especially the red cod piece, and the old bloke stopping and playing the spoons! I dont know if I'll do it again next year though!

Gail Chamberlain
It was brilliant, I cant thank the local people enough who came out and supported us, thanks to the kids who were giving out ice lollies - brilliant, brilliant atmosphere x

I’m very sorry to say but I had a very poor experience of the Great North Run from start to finish. The bus handling luggage situation was appalling, and how far we had to get to the busses at the start was ridiculous. I think the race was over subscribed; the route was very boring, dual carriage way, round about, dual carriage way round about!! I saw the man that died, medics trying to resuscitate him, it really shocked me, my heart goes out to his family and friends, and I just can’t believe it!! People walking completely getting in the way, some one just stopped dead in front of me, I fell on top of them. Young boys throwing bottles of water at the runners, one young boy threw himself at my fiend, totally taking her off her feet. When at a drink station there were hundreds of plastic lids on the floor, with the down poor there were many people slipping all over the place. The walk to the busses afterwards was hideous. I ran the London marathon this year, and I can honestly say that the London run topped the great north by miles. I was very disappointed as I thought that the great north would top all runs, but not for me. The Red arrows where fantastic, along with the bands, thank you very much. A very disappointed runner.

Totally agree with Rick. Can't stand people moaning! Many people there were doing this to support charities, they had a lot of work to do before the race to raise sponsorship. Were the moaners all doing this for charity or for themselves? I have to say that because of a dodgy knee I did need to walk on a few occasions but did so by moving to the side of the road because I was mindful of the people who wanted to run the distance.

Wow! This was my first Great North Run (in fact any organised running event) and I loved it! I have the bug now! I was so impressed by the huge amount of organisation, the super volunteers and the very supportive locals along the way. I managed a time of 2hr16 which I am very chuffed with as I ran the whole way which was my aim. I have raised nearly £1500 for the MS Society and want to thank everyone for supporting me. My class of 5 year olds keep asking if I won my race- i've told them everyone was a winner! I hope to do it again next year!

Paul Forbes
this was my first year and it was a fantastic day, real buzz crossing the finsih line and the red arrows display was fantastic. the support from the spectators was great and really spurred you on.

Andy Matthews
A great day which was only spoilt by the pens at the start tryed to get into the green section but no joy Hence i had to start right at the back even though i had allowed plenty of time to get into the right section> But thanks again the rest of the race was fantastic>

Anthony Blacker
As someone who has now ran in all 26 GNRs, next year (2007) could NOVA please make it possible for me and the rest of the GNR 26 year VETS to start in front of the celebrities instead of behind them. We never get any recognition for our efforts.

jason gardiner
my dad done the great north run and i am so proud of him as it is his 8th time he has completed it well done dad ps: my dad is jeff gardiner

Wendy Taylor
It was the 1st time doing the run and I had a brilliant time also raising money for childrens leukemia. The atmosphere was out of this world. I was very happy at doing it in approx 3hrs, since I started at the very back.

My first half marathon - what an experience! Big thanks to all the supporters who turned out along the route. Thre were only 2 negative points - I passed a man getting heart massage at about mile 12, about 2h 40 from the gun time, does anyone know if he was okay? Also the pens at the start weren't big enough, I had a pink number and was told I (along with hundreds of others) would have to start at the back. Needless to say as soon as everyone started moving everyone rushed the barriers instead.

My wife and I are distance running virgins! We loved losing it to such a great event and thought the whole day was superb. The crowd were awesome and the stories on the backs of the people running were inspiring and spurred us on. Happy with my 2hrs 17 especially as I started in the white zone. Saw Simon's comments about selfish people and felt moved to respond. The event is much more than personal achievement it is about raising money for worthy causes and showing the great side of humanity from supporters and runners alike I spent the first three miles tracking a dragon! - I'd say lighten up and practice your swerves for next year and post a PB.

keith l
i ran the great north run for the first time on sunday and really enjoyed it, i managed 2h19mins, was a bit frustrated by walkers by the time we got to the half mile point, couldnt help wondering why they were there at all really, and most of the route was the same, that said i really enjoyed the whole thing, the crowds were great in their support and humour throughout the course, a big thankyou to all of them.I was saddened to hear about the fella that died and others being taken ill, maybe if the race wasn't billed to seem like such a " fun " event people may take the training a little more seriously and realise that it is tough , 13.1 miles, its a long way !!!

As a first timer i'm not at the point where i can say i loved it yet- maybe in a week or so. But it was definitely worth the aches and pains. I've raised over £500 for Mencap and set myself a time to beat for my next half marathon- 2:20. The heat, rain and hills were horrendous but the crowd more than made up with their sincerity and generosity- couldn't have done it without them or my running mate Stu. Thanks guys

This was my first Great North Run and it was a fantastic experience. There were 5 of us in total; Lisa and Danny ran for the Mountain rescue team Danny works for, Sue ran for Marie Curie and I ran for Cancer Research with my friend Rhonda. Despite starting near the back I managed a time of 2 hours 9minutes and was well chuffed! I have already pre-registered for next year!

nigel theobold Leicester
What a great day ! BUT can someone help me i had 800m to go when a young girl in her 20s collapsed, i turned round to help she wasn't well , i started to carry her the crowds where shouted her name Charlotte . only 400m to go the first aiders came and made me put her down. SORRY Sweetheart i tried my best. Can anyone tell me if she is ok.

I hid from my mate at 3 miles but still finished in 2.5hrs!

Yvonne Leathley
Hi it was my first GNR and will definetly be doing it again next year. the support was amazing and all the competitors were all up for it!! I met a girl called Jo who was runing for the same charity as myself and as we were both on our own we ended up running the whole course together in a very respectable 2hrs 13mins.Ido think that walkers could be asked to move over to one side to let the runners through a little easier, but hey it is the taking part that makes it all!!!

Well North East- This was my 1st GNR & I know now why they call this the GREAT North Run. The support was far greater than great, the enthusiasm of the local kids, and offers of ice pops, fruit, drinks from the locals was amazing, and the motivation of seeing 20 hands waiting to shake yours on the side of the road provided energy that I thought had long gone- simply fantastic. I hate running- but i'll be back again running for the Guide Dogs who have the finest after race support you could dream of!

Yvonne Leathley
Hi it was my first GNR and will definetly be doing it again next year. the support was amazing and all the competitors were all up for it!! I met a girl called Jo who was runing for the same charity as myself and as we were both on our own we ended up running the whole course together in a very respectable 2hrs 13mins.Ido think that walkers could be asked to move over to one side to let the runners through a little easier, but hey it is the taking part that makes it all!!!

Shellagh Neil
This was my first Great North Run, my first half marathon for that matter, and the people in the North East made it such an enjoyable day! Huge thanks to all the supporters, they definitely kept me going through the tough miles - especially those handing out pieces of orange and icepoles!!! The only disppointing part of the day was the nightmare of getting out of South Shields. We all knew there would be 100,000+ people trying to leave South Shields at the same time - surely better transport services could have been provided! Maybe a point to improve on for next year!

This was my second Great North Run and I had a fantastic day. The support from the crowd was amazing, particularly during the last gruelling mile along the sea front. I beat my 2005 time by 11 minutes to clock 1 hr 50 so I'm very happy. Roll on 2007 GNR!

Amanda Greig
This was my first Great North Run and what a fantastic experience. The atmosphere was something to behold and the support along the way was great. I don't think I will ever forget coming over the hill at 12 miles, seeing the sea and realising I was well on my way to a PB of 1 hour 58 mins - what a feeling!

This was my first Great North for 5 years and I loved every minute of it (well apart from Mile 10 & 11). The weather was great, the crowds were great and the support was amazing. HUGE thanks to the organisers who did a great job and to the Macmillan Cancer Support team who were amazing. See you next year!

this was my first Great North Run and managed to complete it in 3 hours 16 mins. next year i will do much better. i would like 2 say a HUGE thanxs to the supporters, u were so inspirational and encouraging. the organisation was brill and i will b back next year. congrats 2 every1 who took part, u all did great. see u in 2007.

Ruth Murney
My very first half marathon and very proud to have kept running and done it in 2 hours 17. It was very hard over the last 3 miles but my brilliant husband Des kept me going (he looked like he'd had a gentle Sunday stroll when we'd finished!) The atmosphere was terrific, the event well organised and the spectators were a real inspiration to keep going. Seeing the messages printed on other runner's tops and hearing other people's stories was uplifting and emotional. Congratulations to everyone who entered the run. I ran for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign in honour of my 11 year old nephew, David Rhodes who is confined to a wheelchair and I think I've raised over £400. I will definitely be back!

Jim Harris
It was my first Great North Run, and I thoroughly enjoyed every 2 hours and 22 minutes of it. I must say what a buzz it was to have the support of everyone on the side. North East people are brilliant, and they should take great satisfaction that they helped so many people round the course with their support and enthusiasm. I would suggest that in future a) "walkers" should be requested to walk on the left side of the route, so that runners can run without zig-zagging around them. b) rather than tell runners not to throw the plastic tops from the water bottles - ask the suppliers to remove the plastic tops before handing them out. Apart from these two concerns, everything else was great, and I will be signing up again for next year.. PS if looking for accomodation, DO NOT stay at the Esplanade in Whitley Bay!!

This was my second GNR having completed it last year. Not so much training done this year but still managed 2.32 so was quite happy with that - will put in more hours training next year to do better. Enjoyed the whole thing this year and spoke to loads of people while on the run - was running for Meningitis Trust and had my name on my vest so was brilliant when someone called my name as it just gave me another wee burst to keep going. I hate the mile 11 mark but it was made better by the two chocolate chip cookies I was given. Will def be back next year!!

Janice & Martin
Our very first GNR and thoroughly pleased with ourselves at 'running' all the way. 2.30 hrs not great but we had put alot of effort into getting that time. The only thing was so is the 'walkers' all grouped together to take ownership of the road, it did become a struggle especially when us 'whites' were overtaking alot of pinks, oranges etc. The people on the side of the road were great although no one gave up their lager to us!!

Amy Heaps
Superb! Fantastic event extremely well organised and awesome support, it was my first GNR but i will definitely be back for more next year. Congratulations to everyone who made it!! It's a shame some people below are moaning about their own personal time not being quick enough... the majority of us were doing it for charity... Stop being so selfish!!!

Carol Penney
This was my 6th GNR and it was fantastic. Many thanks to the wonderful organisation, and support. Much appreciated. My highlight was to meet Findlay Young and have a photo with him, which I will treasure. What a star and such a nice person. Bring on 2007!

I had a great day yesterday, fantastic day. The bands were fab, the Red Arrows were brilliant, the local supporters were incredible and the atmosphere of it all was wicked. This was my first race ever, what a great way to start! THANKS!!! :-)

A big thank you to all the local people in Newcastle, especially to the couple that gave me a lift to the hotel in Whitemare Pool when I was completely lost, and a little boy that gave me the chocolate bar at around 10 or 11 mile! (I was really hungry :-) Also excellent work by the organisers, medical team, volunteers, police, etc,e tc. It was my first GNR and I would love to do it again!

Doreen Marsden
This was my second year. It was fantastic. Even more organised the staff deserve a pat on the back. To be with 50,000 people that want to make a difference in this world is truly heart warming. I lost my son 6yrs ago and I know he was behind me all the way. The local support was fantastic to. A BIG THANKYOU.

stuart laughton
another great day,tiring but what atmosphere.the locals were great again and so too were the red arrows but only at nine miles .

Alan C
At 58 I ran for the first time. What an amazing experience. I still can't believe I did it. What a fantastic atmosphere. It was great to run with so many friendly people and the support along the route was just amazing. The bands were also super. Can't wait for next year.

Katrina Foley
Brilliant - from start to finish, i thought at first that the entry fee was high! however having participated in the event, i feel it was well worth it. Spectators were brilliant as well as orginisation. Driving out of south shields, sweepers wer already cleaning up, top marks a++++++, definatly doing it again next year, this time with the proper training! lol

It was my first run and it was fun to do and i feel like i have achevied something and i can not wait to do it again next year.i also congratulate everyone else that took part.

Excellently organised and fantastic atmosphere again. My only quibble would be those who think they are elite runners when infact they want to walk it! I spent a lot of time overtaking on the central reservation!

helen M
Im just home having completed my second GNR - The new starting arrangements caused complete chaos and although Im no great runner I was frustrated at having to start right at the back when there were far slower runners infront - despite that the crowds and bands were brilliant all along the route thankyou!!- I was really shocked and saddened though to see people who had been taken ill along the route and my thoughts go out to the family and friends of the runner who lost their life

This was my fourth run. At 51 I wish I had joined in many years before. The event is like no other, being part of the event is an amazing feeling and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who support all the runners over the entire course. I am looking forward to next year which will be my final one- dodgy knee won't take the pounding!

John Hunter
BIG thankyou to all the fantastic spectators, staff and everyone involved. Truely an amazing experience! Second time i've run in this event now. Thought last year was good but this years was just Magnificent! Would have loved to reach my goal of 2hrs. But my legs just packed in again on the 11th mile hill!! Bugga! 2hrs 13min. Gonna beat that next year... Defo! I'll be there :oD

Andrew Longmead
I had a great day and thought the support was fantastic!!!

Ian A
Many thanks to everyone involved with bringing this great event together - the unsung heroes. Also, my warm thanks and appreciation to the people of the north east who were generous with their applause and warmth - their encouragement inspired many to keep going when the going got tough. I'll be back for more next year ........ it's addictive.

Carinne Murray
My first half marathon and I absolutely loved it!!!! I said at the end I was never doing it again but I had changed my mind by the time I got to the Metro station!! I ran the whole thing (slowly!) in 2 hours 51 mins so can't wait to try and beat that next year (perhaps not stopping for the toilet would save 10 mins+ ha ha). I loved the bands playing every few miles and the people handing things out were great (particularly the ones who had taken the tops of the water bottles before handing them out-much appreciated!). Also the general public amazed me-handing out sweets, drinks, cheering clapping and squirting water fantastic and really kept me going (particularly between 10 and 12 miles when I just wanted to be at the end!). THANK YOU. The people who were walking didn't particularly bother me though it did really annoy me when there were many groups of 3 or 4 friends walking in a line as it was really hard to get around them!!! Also took a very long time to get onto a metro train mainly because there were so many people trying to get on them-wasn't helped by the hundreds of people who were cutting down the side and blatantly pushing in the queue!

Bob Riley Race N0 20246
I was dissapointed with the format at the start. This was my eleventh GNR and the last 3 years I have ran 1hr 18 mins, 1hr 19 mins and 1hr 21 mins. Surely I should have been further up the field rather than being sandwiched in the orange section.As it happens I just got inside 1hr 30, however I was a little bit dissapointed.

Heather T
I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the spectators, organisers and fellow competitors for making my first Great North so memorable - I'll be back next year!

Totally enjoyed my 1st GNR, the growds where amazing makes me even more proud to be from the North East. A special thanks to the lady at South Shields that gave us some money for the bus!

Had a great run, the local support was fantastic. I completely agree with Simons comments about people being selfish and starting the race in an unrealistic position, they go off too fast and end up walking at 3 miles. This also causes a danger to everyone else as I ran into one chap. They would enjoy it more if they were realistic on their times.

Steve Moynihan
My first GNR and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere is just amazing. Running down the little hill onto the sea front and down the long finishing straight was fantastic. I was loving it every step of the way. Big thank you to the organisers and the people of Newcastle for making it the occasion that it is

1 hour 39 - spent ages avoiding those who had over egged their capabilities but I loved it all the same. Under 1 30 next year

A damp grey dawn, the gun, it fired And those of us who felt inspired Did marshall forwards, at snails pace Near fifty thousand in this great race My heart, pounding, bursting forth As I ran and ran for all I was worth Along road, across bridge, never stopping By mile six or seven, a few were dropping By mile eight or nine, and the pace still fast Thousand upon thousand we had past Muscles burned, lungs burst, but still We ran through cramp and thirst, the will To keep going our priority Through screaming joints and aching knee One poor soul, only twenty-nine, Pulled up at the side for the final time I ran straight past the fallen athlete As he lay stricken at the paramedics feet A mortal blow, the fates have struck As a regular runner, I know it's just luck The fates decide if you complete the race The runner can only set the pace Mile eleven, the sign seems to goad, us on, only two remain, but I feel the road Is rising slowly, I think it's all uphill I dig deeper, do I have the will? To keep on running, never give in I'm going to finish, I'm going to win This race against myself I run This race I run, I run for fun? A mere eight hundred yards to go, and I hear The crowds, lining the road shout and cheer My lungs are burst, my heart explodes The final yards on a very long road I cross the line, a victory of mine Mind over body, and now I am filled With a feeling of being ten feet tall I ran through a thousand "walls" I ran "the run" and I won through One less silly thing to do But now I find, as I sit in the sun I have to do next years "Great North Run" Not brilliant - but dedicated to those who entered, and for one reason or another were unable to complete the Great North Run 2006, especially those who tried so hard that they fell at the side.

Maria S Mills
I enjoyed the run from start to finish. Congratulations for the excellent organisation, particularly the start, good to see the large video screens and the tall railings along the sides, which stopped those individuals who try every year to start further forward than they should. Excellent throughout. Finally, Findlay Young should definitely be nominated for Sports Personality of the Year. He has done far, far more than the likes of Beckham/Rooney/Henman etc. Please please please can he be nominated.

Janet Cuthbert
My first GNR It was fantastic and yes, there were people who must have overestimated their time and got themselves nearer to the front at the start and,yes, they were a pain to get past but, hey, never mind all that it was fantastic and I had a great time. The organisation was excellent and the crowd were brilliant. Prize for the most fantastic spectator has to go to the man on the bus shelter with the hose pipe! He was a life saver! Brilliant day. Thank you.

Wendy Lawson (45309)
I am very humbled. I had to pull out of the run just short of the mile 3 marker as something went snap from my achilles to my calf muscle (I'm off to the physio on Thursday). I completed the rest of the Great North Run on the 'scoop up' bus and witnessed the magnificent efforts of the back runners. Was cheered on by the crowds from within the bus too; which was slightly embarrassing, but truly amazing - thanks general public, fellow runners, St. John's Ambulance First Aiders, our bus driver and colleague and my fellow busees. All my sponsors have generously let me send on their sponsorship money to Breast Cancer Campaign - and I've promised to run it again next year - and hopefully finish.

Emily Hannah Bennett (11 months)
CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part! We went to support my daddy and had a lovely time, watching all the runners zoom past us! We were entertained from start to finish and were really looked after by all! Thank you for making my first Great North Run as a "little" spectator fun!

Jacqui W
A huge thank you to the lady at about 11 miles who kindly let me use her loo!

This is my second GNR. I thought the organisation and general atmosphere was fantastic, the crowd all along the route were great, even though the weather was mixed they carried on cheering us all on. I managed to raise £450 for Hearing Dogs and ran the course 18 minutes quicker than last year! My only complaint is that their are far too many people walking after a mile, this is the Great North Run, the Great North Walk is a few months earlier. It would be good if they had a lane for walkers or people who are feeling like a rest so I could spend less time looking for gaps to pass people and hopefully break the 2 hour barrier, anyhow,Well done to all.

First time for 3 years for me and the organisation has got much better.Maybe has reached its capacity,still a great experience and the crowds were as supportive as ever.See you next year.

kath j
Having completed ny second Great North Run I would like to congratulate the supporters along the route. They made my day THANKYOU!!!!

I completed it yesterday too but my time was hampered by large numbers of clearly unfit people who managed to get themselves into one of the "fastest" start sections before walking the entire route. I then had to run the whole course weaving in and out of people, and consequently my time was not as fast as I had hoped. These people are very selfish. Do they not realise that their race starts when they cross the start-line?

Gavin Kirk
Many thanks to all the organisers.Last night i had retired from Marathon running but i am already re-considering.Great day "looking forward to next year"

andy mellor
The people of the North East were awesome. I hadn't noticed I was running until 8 miles such was the support.

peter worrall
Just a quick note to thank all the people involved in the 2006 GNR. This was the first time for me and all I can say is WOW. Comming from a Brummie this hurts but it has to be said. I believe there is no where in the world you could hold this event and have more support from the general public. In fact its not fair to call the general public, each and everyone that came out to clap and cheer EVERYONE, from the Elite to the fun runners. There the ones that make it fun. The people that line the road may not realise what a moral boost it gives you. Thanks to all of you from Pete Worrall (6904) Running for Parkinsons.

nachhatar kaur singh
it is good run we enjoyed it my husband harbhag sing did all of them

Completed my 2nd GNR yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite todays aches and pains. Was able to appreciate the event more I think having done it before and having a better idea of what to expect. Really noticed this year the efforts of the organisers, volunteers and spectators who play a massive part in making the run what it is, and often go unmentioned. Thought the event was very well organised (particularly the new starting pens - great idea) and is a credit to the region. Will definitely be back next year to beat my PB.

I didn't partake in the race due to an injury but I went to watch and support my friends. I just want to say well done to everyone who did it! was especially amazed by the people who ran pushing people in wheelchairs! Amazing! Will definitely be taking part next year!

Chris Wood
Our first GNR yesterday. Just wanted to say thanks to the crowd for the support during the whole of the route. See you all next year!

Richard Knight
Great event and the support and atmosphere is fantastic. However... the start system didn't work for me in the slightest. Because I applied with a charity, mine was a late entry and I ended up being put in the white zone, right at the back. This was despite having a predicted time of 1hr45. I spent the entire 13.2 miles crowd dodging. There were people starting ahead of me who were walking after 1 mile! Still enjoyed it though, but if the organizers insist on trying out a system, they could at least do it properly. Rather spoiled the experience for me I'm afraid.. Still managed 1hr46 tho.

Marie Whitelock
What a fabulous experience. My legs were killing me, but the support of all the locals kept me going. Someone handing out chocolate near the 11mile mark was a life saver and ice pop from one family who were out watching was very welcome.Thanks to all who helped us cool down with their hoses. Deffinately be back next year.

Martin Curtis
I posted something about the run on my Blog: It was a Great day.

Thomas Dodds
I was at the start of the race, and listening to the music hyped me up to do myself, however i dont know what the songs were called. One especially, with lyrics something like "wey aye man" or "when i run" was the best, can anyone help me find it???

Phill Horrocks
My very first GNR this year. Massive thanks to all the spectators and supporters who were keeping us all going. Things were fairly on course until the magic 10 mile mark then it was agony! Managed to hang in there and gave it everything I had to sprint(!) across the finish line. Despite not being able to walk this morning, it was the most fun I've had in ages!

Alison No. 29143
I thought the whole event was one huge, fantastic occasion. I was originally running with a friend Jo who unfortunately turned over on her ankle a week before the race damaging her ligaments so she couldn't run (but came to support me) and another friend, Liz, who was still keen to run, but hadn't trained to my pace of 10 minute miles. I went with a planned finish time of 2 hours 10 minutes in my head and knew that I had to pace myself for this especially as I was running alone and had only run to 8 miles in training. Fortunately I ran the first 4 miles with a kilted man who was running for the Stroke charity and he kept with me until he dropped back. I then found myself running alongside a man called Tom who ran the rest of the race with me until the finish. He needed to better last years time of 2.25 and I'm sure he managed that (thanks Tom). My finishing time was 2h 11m 29s and I was over the moon. I came 17191st and have a target to better for next time. Well done to all who competed, organised, cheered, handed out drinks, sweets, biscuits... It was my first half marathon and certainly wont be my last. Alison

Catherine and Claire
Our first GNR (maybe last!!) Claire finished in 2hr 22mins and Catherine in 3hrs. So that makes that a PB for both of us!! A great experience - the man on the bus shelter with the hosepipe was a lifesaver! Thanks to everyone on the way with sweets and biscuits and cheers - it really helped. Also loved the metal band at mile 10 - keep on rockin!

Simon Crowder
It never ceases to amaze me at the brilliant organisation of The Great North Run. It is a credit to everyone involved. Despite a dodgy start I finised in 2hours and was content with that. It is also encouraging to see so many people making the effort for charity with a smile on thier faces at the Finish.

Simon Crowder
It never ceases to amaze me at the brilliant organisation of The Great North Run. It is a credit to everyone involved. Despite a dodgy start I finised in 2hours and was content with that. It is also encouraging to see so many people making the effort for charity with a smile on thier faces at the Finish.

Lisa Strong
This was my first go at the Great North Run, in fact, my first go at 13.1 miles! I had a fantastic day, the atmosphere the whole way round was extradinary. The local support was fantastic and the drinks and music really helped the miles pass quickly. Had to fight back tears of joy and euphoria at the 12 mile mark as the cheers from the spectators were so overwhelming. The last mile was the hardest (probably because the lump in my throat was preventing me from breathing properly!). I managed a time of 2.28 minutes which i am delighted with, and have raised over £400 for St.Oswalds Hospice in Gosforth. Well done to the organisers for a spectacular event.

Scooby Doo
I had a great time but I don't think my running companion had done enough training. Thanks to all the supporters along the route - you were great. See all the Scooby fans in 2007

Excellent race, but no toilets in the start pens. You can be there for an hour or two so many people aren't drinking for a couple of hours before the race. Volunteers did a good job and the locals were very friendly and welcoming. Plenty of steps have been taken to improve the race - but could we have portaloos in the pens?

Craig Hopper
Age 36 & ran my very first half marathon/GNR yesterday for Yorkshire Cancer Research. Was going well up to the 10.5 miles mark & then my legs started screaming at me. The people along the roadside were fantastic as was my training & running buddy on the day Simon Matthews, who also ran for Yorkshire Cancer Research. As in training we ran shoulder to shoulder for the whole 13.1 miles and what was disapointing, was the number of runners who tried to get through a gap between us that simply wasn't there. That being said, we made it over the line in 2.5 hours & send congratulations to everyone who completed the run.

I found it tough in the heat- my brother had to be treated at the end for severe dehydration. I feel as bad now as i did after the London marathon last year. I managed a time of 1.50, so am pretty pleased. The highlight was running over the Tyne Bridge and hearing, then seeing the Red Arrows fly right over our heads and down the course- absolutely fantastic. A great atmosphere and great day!

Heartfelt thanks to all the organisers, helpers and volunteers who made the day such a success. It was my first crack at anything like this and I'll definitely do it again. Thanks too to all the locals in Newcastle/Gateshead/South Shields who gave us all such great support - especially the little girls with the orange segments!

Well done to everyone that took part – especially by gorgeous boyfriend Ian and fantastic Dad David!! We all had a great time and enjoyed watching the runners and the Red Arrows. The end of our day was spoiled however by the incredibly bad organisation of the car parks at South Shields! We were waiting to get out of a car park for nearly 2 hours. As you can imagine, having tired runners and a bouncing 6 year old in the car was really quite distressing. Next year – PLEASE try and organise the car parking a little better.

Rich Caldwell
I completed the GNR yesterday and would like to thank everyone who supported the runners along the entire route, cooling people down with their garden hoses, handing out ice pops and generally keeping you going. I will definately be back next year for more blisters & cramp - but it was well worth it!!!

much better organisation, but the hour wait at sth shields to get out was a pain- big thanks to all involved and the people along the route for their encouragement

I want to thank all the volunteers, especially the children who were handing out the water. You and the scouts did a fantastic job. I also want to thank all the bands, particularly the heavy rock band at mile 10! You gave me enough energy to finish the race!

Robert Meston Run No 22290
Excellent event spoilt by the arrangements at the beginning. I had an ORANGE number and made several attempts to get into the correct section, I made my way further back to the LAST gate for the orange section and was once again refused entry. I pointed out the the Official that the next section was PINK and if I went to that section it would surely make matters worse. Eventually I got into my allocated section when the Official decided to let someone in that he knew, there was ample room in that section. These problems began more than 30 minutes before the start of the main run.

A big Thanks to the volunteers and other people who help with the actually running of the race. They are often overlooked when the praise is handed out. Without them the race could not take place.

Red Section Entry Chaos. A few of us red numbered (those just behind the elite men) runners where waiting/warming up/keeping loose just outside our pen when at 10:35 the steward decided to close the barrier and wouldn't let us in despite there being room. She said she had instructions, and we would have to go to the back, the very back! We argued that there was only about 15 of us and that this was not stated in the brochure. Indeed, the brochure catagorically states that Red section runners would not be subjected to the "move back one section when your pen becomes full" rule. She just would not see reason so with nothing else to do we had to just rush the gate and get in. There was no danger. We simple were not prepared to waste 8 months of training on a whimsical decision. Why do some people just become jobsworth idiots in situations such as this. The two pubescent male assistants with her were of no use either, just standing there and saying nothing. Apart from this Great North Run organisers, you did a fantastic job. Just be sure to brief your stewards (even if they are minimum wage agency staff) on the importance of these races to some of us. I'm sorry, I am usually a gentleman at all times, but the stupidity of this women got me really angry.

First time ive done the race and found it simply amazing, will be back next year for sure!!

Sheila Hamilton
I have completed the GNR today - struggled a bit with the heat, but the support from the crowds was fantastic, also plenty of water and drinks. Best bit - The Red Arrows - helped me get through the last two miles!!!

James Christie
Ran it for the first time this year and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The crowd were great and the bands were keeping the runners going. The volunteers who handed out the refreshments on the course did a wonderful job - well done!

Kate Gaskell
Loved it! Amazing atmosphere and a great feeling of achievement. Very well organised too. The effort and spirit of the locals really makes such a difference - thank you to all those who came out in force to support all the runners! x

Vicki Thompson
Have recovered enough now (after a large sunday lunch and two sleeps) to post about the GNR. My first half and the atmosphere was bloody fantastic. Did the first 5k in 22:05 and 10k in 46:13, and was on target for a time of 1:40:00 until I got to mile 10 and my legs wouldn't move any faster than a jog. Was overtaken by Batman & Robin at the nook, and then managed to recover somewhat on the climb up to the Marsden Inn to finish in 1:46:26 - very happy with my time and of course it's a new PB. I lost 3lbs in weight on the run - taking my total weightloss to 109lbs (though that'll go back up when I get fully re-hydrated). Many thanx to my friends & family for their support & sponsorship for St Clare's Hospice in Jarrow, and for the thousands of people lining the route to cheer us on. Had a fantastic day and I'm absolutely going to have to do it all again next year.

Tony Robson
Loads and loads of fun until the 10 mile mark, then it was hell on earth, until the finish line, lots of thanks to the awesome volunteers who did a great job helping and keeping you motivated and all those people on the road sides.

Having had a great day last year, I completed the GNR again today and it was even better. Really touching seeing the amount of people running for loved ones and good causes. Thanks to all the supporters and bands on route.. and well done everyone who took part! See you next year hopefully!

I have been watching the race, and have to say that I felt really inspired.... I am very limited in what I can do at the moment with Fibromyalgia, but am determined to fight it.... Because of the nature of this illness I obviously won't be running any half marathons myself at the moment, but who knows what may lie in the future....I'm certainly not ready to roll over and lay down yet...... It also seems to me we should be create some better understanding for the (so-called invisible) debilitating chronic illnesses like this....

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Runner at the end of Great North Run 2008

Runner finishing Great North Run 2008

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