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24 September 2014

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Chris Jackson

Inside Out presenter Chris Jackson

Looking back: Meadowell riots

In September 2006, 15 years after the riots in Meadowell, BBC Newcastle revisited the area to find out what had changed. See reports and archive footage here.

In a special week of programmes in 2006, BBC Radio Newcastle were live on North Tyneside giving the people of North Shields the chance to tell their story.

BBC Inside Out also broadcast a special report on the Meadowell Riots on Monday 11 September 2006, and you can watch it right here:

Check out our archived BBC reports from 1991, and the highlights of our special programmes that looked back on the Meadowell riots.

Special reports about the riots

The following audio pieces were taken from BBC Radio Newcastle, as part of a series of special programmes to remember the riots.

They were broadcast between 11 and 15 September 2006.

Archived BBC reports

The following audio and video reports were the day after the riot:

They were taken from BBC Radio Newcastle and BBC Look North.

Stories and pictures

Pictures and stories of the Meadowell riots and its residents:

Here are a selection of your comments:

nick scott you clearly havnt got a clue about the meadowell you just know what youve heard so come back when you realy know what your talking about


Ryan Waliker
nar dave its 30 years ago lol

jaymie fairley
i cannit rememba it but my big brother told me about it

shauna longstaff
i remember it like it was yesterday i was 5years old living in louton cresent with all my famiely it was the worsed week of or life none stop for about two weeks we had to stay off school and stay in doors most of my famiely where sent to prison .

Nick Scott
Why is the BBC remembering an event from 15 years ago which serves nothing but to sicken decent taxpayers the country over? I agree with Adam and John, these people were scum and have undoubtedly further burdened the working, decent person with subsequent unwanted babies/crime/disorder. Colin and Dale were thieves, they died because they drove someone else's car without regard for human life. Perhaps the rioters would have been better off getting out to work like anybody with a strand of moral fibre instead of bemoaning their lot.

Ryan Walker AKA Djbizkit
i werent in the riots but my dad has told me about it

I live in Meadowfield in Durham and had some friends from the lake district coming to visit. They were very apprehensive as they mistook Meadowfield for Meadowhall and were anxious about whether or not their car would be safe.

Just a shame that the local scum could not be removed from the area too. I read Barbara Henderson's recall of the riots, it reminds me that there are decent people out there that deserve, decent housing and facilties and for those people I'm pleased for them and those who feel a law above themselves, I just pity them as they're really insignificant individuals.

I couldnt agree more with John Thompson in respect to the mindless chavs/dole bludgers. They say they have nothing to do so they just get stoned - seriously nothing to do!! They have excellent sport and leisure facilities on there doorstep now,e.g The Parks, Royal Quays. They are also within walking distance of the Metro system and endless job opportunities for any skill level and they say they cant find a job. Then how come is it that nearly some 40% of factory workers are foreign. Honestly they are an absolute disgrace to society and the only way to put things right is to quite simply stop their benefits. That will make them get a job and stop bumming around complaining that they have nothing to do. I hope the BBC put this to those who simply chose to do nothing with their lives - wasters!

Is it really 15 years ago?!

John Thompson
I recall the Meadowell riots as living in Wallsend remember the police helicopter moving back and forth over my house all night. Since moving away from the area I found reading the information interesting as on my last visit to the north east I felt the area has declined even further. The Meadowell Riots were a channel for the new ruling class of Chavs to vent in the only way they know how i.e. by violent means. I believe Chavs/dole bludgers to be the downfall of Britain. A high level of benefits given to these social groups acts as incentives and fuels the repulsive behaviors exhibited from many within this situation. The government seriously needs to review its criminal justice policy and stop rewarding people who do nothing for this country other than take money through benefits, illicit means and place demands upon public services. These people believe themselves to have a right to this privilege of benefits and free healthcare, which appears to be a trend passing down through generations to their children. It's such an unfortunate place for decent people who have worked and proved themselves within this world to live in such a deprived, vile environment. This inturn causes disempowerment and helplessness for genuine people.

Well the area has improved from what i have seen and the people of meadowell should pat themselves on the back for making the effort. Yes it was a bad night of violence friction between authorities and the public, but in life these things will occur from time to time, but both parties were at fault for this episode as it was a time bomb waiting to explode for months if not years. But 15 yrs on where are all the people now who took part.

Michael forsett
Yes. It has changed for the worse. Too much money on the layabout rather than spending on the infrastructer around. Look at the city centre of North Shields compaired to South Shields. Spot the differene?!!!!!

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You are in: Tyne > History > Local History > Looking back: Meadowell riots

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