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24 September 2014

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The Bloodhound Gang
The Bloodhound Gang

The Bloodhound Gang interview

Jimmy Pop and Lupus Thunder, from controversial US band, The Bloodhound Gang, spoke to site user Laura Crow. If easily offended, maybe this is not for you!

To some you are very controversial band, and most of your songs reference boobies, sex, and anything along those lines.

Jimmy: All the important stuff in life.

And your current single, ‘Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo’, is banned from USA radio stations.

Jimmy: That’s the way to do it!

When did you realise you could make money singing about poo and vaginas?

Jimmy: It was actually our bass player. He used to have a party, and it was five bands, five kegs of beer, five dollars. And we just started playing. Really it was more about singing about what made our friends laugh, rather than to be controversial. It just so happened that's what made our friends laugh, so we were shocked when people came. So I dunno if there was a direct link between money and poo jokes, but I think there was.

Who writes the songs?

Jimmy: They are all different. The one that got banned was the bass player's. I just email him back and fourth when we write - ‘what looks like a vagina?’ ‘A wallet. A ham wallet.’

Jimmy, most people say it is you with the dirty mind?

Jimmy: Mine is the dirtiest.

You said that with quite a bit of pride.

Jimmy: Absolutely!

Has anyone ever been extremely offended by you all?

"Our Hooray for Boobies tour lasted for 18 months, and we didn’t want to see each other anymore!"
Jimmy Pop

Jimmy: We have had protesters. And they protest everything.

What has been your favourite protest?

Jimmy: Someone showed up, and it was if they just had a hobby of protesting. They showed up with this sign that had nothing to do with anything, and it just said ‘stop gang violence.’ Maybe it is because we are called the Bloodhound Gang, but I thought that was the best.

Lupus: We kept asking why are you here. And the guy just kept protesting, like he had no real reason.

Jimmy: I think its good that people protest. If it means people love and hate you then you are heading down the right track. If they don’t love and hate you, you are probably a band like Nickelback or something.

The lyrics to your songs are pretty clever. One thing I would like to know is, are you Chasey Lain's biggest fan?

Jimmy: No. No. What happened was, I saw her in a clothing ad, and I was like, 'she’s really cute'.  So I'm not sure if we started ‘researching’ Chasey Lain but she came out and performed on our record with us, and her arms were like, hairier than mine. And she was dumber than that table.

Lupus: She was really short. I thought she was going to be really tall and leggy, like a hot supermodel or something, because of the pictures. She just wasn’t what we expected at all.

Jimmy: And she was nuts. We were friends with another porn star, who told me this story about how Chasey babysitted for her friend, and her friend came home and nothing bad had happened but there was broken beer bottles in the crib. What the **** is that!? So no. I'd prefer to spend the night with Ron Jeremy.

Ron Jeremy?

Jimmy: He is probably the biggest porn star in America. They call him the hedgehog. He is the most disgusting man you’ll ever see.

Lupus: Fat, hairy, short. In the 70s he wasn’t quite as ugly then, but I guess his big thing, was his big thing.

The bad touch, that’s an interesting song. What animal would you choose to be for the purpose of mating?

Jimmy: I would like to try different things. Most animals have the genitalia, and the butt. But anteaters, with the big nose, imagine what you could do with that.

Lupus: My choice is elephant, but the only reason is, have you ever seen an elephant have sex? It is like a trunk, it moves completely independently. I saw it at a zoo once, I was horrified.

Jimmy: But I've never seen an elephant smile, so how good is the sex?

Lupus: You go to the zoo for an educational trip, and you're eight years old, and you are like, what are they doing?

Jimmy: The Berlin zoo is really cool. They have a bit of history. When the Russians and Americans finally got in Berlin in World War Two, after we blew everything up, the people, Berliners, ate the animals at the zoo! They ate them!

That is a fantastic piece of useless information.

Jimmy: We were just talking about that stuff.

Lupus: Like golf.

Jimmy: Golf stands for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. There you go. Now there is something to protest!

Hefty Fine is your first album since Hooray For Boobies in 2000. What have you been doing with yourself?

Jimmy: Our Hooray for Boobies tour lasted for 18 months, and we didn’t want to see each other anymore! We have all bought new houses, and started a record company. Our friend has a band called ‘Him’ and no one was putting the records out, so we started doing that.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

Jimmy:  Well, I like to be around stupid people, so I guess I would work for a band.

Lupus: Go on tour with them?

Jimmy: Yeah, just anything, and if I didn’t do that I would be a flight attendant.

Lupus: Is that 'cos you're gay or something?

Jimmy:  No, I would wear the woman’s outfit, and be like ‘I am a woman.’

I think that should be your next video.

Jimmy: That’s true. In fact, you don’t see a lot of sexy flight attendants anymore, except for the Vengaboys when they broke up. The cowboy became a flight attendant, so there’s a sexy flight attendant.

last updated: 15/11/05
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