BBC Four

Germany Season

Germany Season

Germany Season

This autumn BBC Four dedicates four new series to the art, landscape, culture and history of Germany.

Programmes in the season

  1. Al Murray's German Adventure Al Murray's German Adventure

    The award winning comic embarks on a journey to discover the real Germany and unearths two centuries of stunning arts and culture.

  2. The Art Of Germany The Art Of Germany

    Episode 1 clips
    Episode 2 clips

    Andrew Graham-Dixon explores German art, examining the country's unique national style and 500-year cultural legacy.

  3. Frederick The Great And The Enigma Of Prussia Frederick The Great And The Enigma Of Prussia

    Christopher Clark examines the life and achievements of Prussian king Frederick the Great.

  4. German Wanderlust German Wanderlust

    Julia Bradbury takes her boots and backpack to explore the landscape of Germany and the cultural movement that made it famous – Romanticism.

About the season


Germany Season - a season of programmes on BBC Four.


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