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Game On

In a season of programmes celebrating the act of play, BBC Four uncovered the hidden history of an activity that gives us a unique perspective on our past, as well as an exciting vision for our future.

Programmes in the season

Dusty Bluebells: A nostalgic look back at games and songs from the streets of Belfast. This award-winning schools programme was made in 1971 by David Hammond and featured the P7 class from St Mary's Primary School, Divis Street.

Games Britannia: Historian and broadcaster Benjamin Woolley explored the roots of what is now a multi-billion pound global industry and a peculiarly British obsession.

Hop, Skip and Jump: The Story of Children's Play: Stepped into a secret world of imagination and adventure—the story of children's outdoor play in 20th Century Britain. From Ring-a-Ring O' Roses to rap dancing, the programmes explored Britain's favourite games across a century of childhood.

James May's Top Toys: A celebration of the toys which have survived across the decades, presented by a man who still plays with them.

Morning In The Streets: Denis Mitchell's 1959 documentary was full of evocative images of a Liverpool still recovering from the post-war gloom.

Timeshift – How To Win At Chess: In a film celebrating the colourful and diverse world of chess, British Grandmasters Dan King and Raymond Keene explained how to outwit opponents, as well as revealing key moves and techniques.

World of a Child: Kamal Hussein: Documentary about an immigrant child at play in Cardiff's Tiger Bay in the 1960s, seen from his point of view.

About the season


The act of play celebrated in Game On - a season of programmes on BBC Four.


December 2009


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