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Mark Williams


Character name: Mark Williams

Actor's name: Robert Powell

Job title: CEO

Marital status: Widower

Qualities: Strong minded, loyal

Love Interests

Tricia, Judith.




Chrissie, Elliot.

Background: Mark's a carefree rogue, a wild child of the 60's. He was a rolling stone, always looking for an excuse to go on the run, until he reconnected with his daughter Chrissie. Mark often feels torn between being a good father and doing the best job. He was always a man of the people so landing the CEO job has given Mark the opportunity to make a difference. But can he reconcile his principles with his new senior position?

Robert Powell

Robert played Jesus in Franco Zeffirelli's mini-series Jesus of Nazareth. He's also appeared in spoof cop drama The Detectives opposite Jasper Carrott.

Write to Robert at:

Robert Powell - Fan Mail, Holby City, 5th Floor Production Office, Neptune House, BBC Elstree, Clarendon Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1JF

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