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Laurie Franklin

Laurie Franklin

Laurie's home is in the south of England where she works as a police detective. But she's been forced to return home to Yorkshire in order to take care of her mother Jen, who is suffering from dementia. This secondment means an unwelcome demotion - she's now a police constable in the criminal justice admin unit and Laurie's feeling frustrated and trapped. On the way to one of Jen's hospital appointments, someone jumps in front of the train they're travelling in. Meanwhile a baby is abandoned at the hospital and when she finds this out Laurie becomes determined that the two events are connected. Her irrepressible delight in making connections and pursuing her gut instincts land her right at the heart of the police investigation, where sparks start to fly with her new boss DI Mal Craig.

Suranne Jones

Suranne most recently appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures and in Unforgiven alongside Matthew McNulty, who plays Danny in Five Days. She has also appeared in Strictly Confidential, Dead Clever, Vincent and as Karen McDonald in Coronation Street.

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