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Tom is in his late 30s and has been working as a London journalist for Ransom magazine, a monthly glossy with low morals. He is a good bloke who has gone off the rails. Drink, drugs, women and cash - coupled with a close proximity to celebrity - have taken their toll. But somewhere deep inside, his moral compass is sound.

As a child Tom idolised his campaigning journalist father Sam, and secretly wanted to be just like him. His mother, Edith, died some years ago, and since the savage beating at the hands of his father, Tom has been living a life away from his family and hometown. He fled and became the polar opposite of his father. Commitment-phobic, self-absorbed, hedonistic, Tom has been running away from himself, but now, years later, he is finally going home...

John Simm

John Simm was raised in the North West of England, and trained at the Drama Centre in London. He is one of Britain's most talented stage and screen actors and has starred in many acclaimed and landmark television dramas such as Cracker, The Lakes, Clocking Off, Never Never, State of Play, Crime and Punishment, Sex Traffic and Life on Mars (for which he received a BAFTA nomination for best actor).

On film he won the Best Actor award at the Valencia film festival for his debut in Boston Kickout, and has appeared in many notable British films including Human Traffic, Wonderland and 24 Hour Party People. On stage, John was nominated for the Olivier Award for his performance in Elling, and recently played Hamlet at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, a production which broke box office records for the theatre.

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