Being Mum Season

Being Mum Season

Being Mum Season

The Being Mum Season on BBC One turned its attention to aspects of motherhood, with four programmes that were broadcast in the channel's regular documentary slot at 10.35pm.

Programmes in the season

Too Old To Be A Mum? met a woman approaching 60 who was thinking about having another child, and a 63-year-old with three children under the age of five.

My Child Won't Speak followed three young girls with a rare emotional disorder, known as selective mutism, as they struggled to overcome their phobia.

I Hate Mum looked at the work of family therapy teams, engaged in efforts to rebuild parent/child relationships dominated by years of violent behaviour.

Having a Baby to Save My Child, filmed over 18 months, followed couples as they had cutting-edge treatment to try to cure their sick child.

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About the season


Being Mum was a season of documentaries originally broadcast on BBC One.



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