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Featured Museums

The Leopard Hunt - Carving in Palmyra museum

Take a look at some of the museums around the world that featured in the series.


Hippo Regius Museum, Anaba

  • Prize exhibit: Roman Mosaics from the town of Hippo Regius
  • Website: www.algeria.com


Split Archaeological Museum

  • Prize exhibit: Over 6,000 stone epitaphs from the nearby Roman town of Salona
  • Website: www.split.info


Alexandria Library Museum

  • Prize exhibit: Fine examples of Hellenistic Sculpture
  • Website: www.bibalex.org


Thessaloniki Museum

  • Prize exhibit: Statue of Emperor Augustus
  • Website: www.amth.gr

Royal Tombs Museum, Vergina

  • Prize exhibit: Valuables from the tomb of Philip II

Kerameikos Museum and site, Athens

Argos museum

Eretria Museum

Sparta Museum

  • Prize exhibit: Bust of a Spartan Warrior ('Leonidas')
  • Website: www.laconia.org

Piraeus Museum

Museum of the Ancient Agora, Athens

Epigraphical Museum, Athens


Baghdad Museum


Pithekoussai Museum

Regional Archaeological Museum Baglio Anselmi of Marsala (Sicily)

  • Prize exhibit: The remains of a Carthaginian ship found off the Sicilian Coast
  • Website: www.regione.sicilia.it

Villa Whitaker Museum, Motya

  • Prize exhibit: Motya Ephebe and Punic-era Tophet reconstruction


National Museum, Beirut (Byblos)

  • Prize exhibit: King Ahiram's Sarcophagus with the earliest known example of the Phoenician alphabet and bronze statues from Byblos' temple of the obelisks
  • Website: www.beirutnationalmuseum.com


Idlib museum (Artefacts from Ebla)

  • Prize exhibit: Cuneiform clay tablets from the great library at Ebla

Aleppo Museum

  • Prize exhibit: Fountain statue from the famed Zimri-Lim's Palace at Mari

Palmyra Museum

  • Prize exhibit: Stone carvings of wealthy Palmyran families from Roman era tombs


Bardo Museum


Kayseri Museum (Kultepe)

  • Prize exhibit: Collection of personal and business letters from the Assyrian Merchant's Colony
  • Website: www.kultur.gov.tr

Corum Museum

Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara

Eski Sark Museum, Istanbul Archaeology Museum

  • Prize exhibit: Treaty of Kadesh - clay tablet with one of the world's earliest peace treaties between the Egyptians and Hittites
  • Website: www.kultur.gov.tr

Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Bodrum, Uluburun

  • Prize exhibit: Copper ingots and personal artefacts recovered from the wreck of a Bronze-age trading ship found off the cost of Bodrum
  • Website: www.bodrum-museum.com

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