Grey Expectations season

Liz Smith in Liz Smith's Summer Cruise

Grey Expectations season

Grey Expectations, a contemporary, unique and engaging season of programmes exploring old age, with comedienne Jo Brand and national treasure Liz Smith (The Royle Family) taking centre stage.

Grey Expectations gets to grips with the challenges presented by the ageing process with an innovative comedy drama about life for nurses in the NHS, observational documentaries about grandparents, a behind-the-scenes look at an old people's home with a difference, and a fascinating documentary about how one actress is trying to make the most of her "grey" years.

In a range of thought-provoking documentaries Grey Expectations will challenge stereotypes and explore what it really means to be "of a certain age".

Programmes in the season

Getting On is a comedy drama starring Jo Brand, Joanna Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine which follows the daily lives of nurses and doctors "getting on" with life in an overlooked corner of the health service.

Liz Smith's Summer Cruise follows 87-year-old actress and comedian Liz Smith, as she lets cameras follow her very personal quest – to go on a proper holiday.

The Grandparent Diaries looks at the relationships between three very different sets of grandparents and their grandchildren.

Storyville: The Time Of Their Lives profiles three residents of a home for the elderly who are still passionately engaged in their individual brands of activism – from journalism to anti-war demonstrations – while quietly negotiating the final years of their lives.

How To Be Old. Nigel Planer's alter-ego Nicholas Craig, master of invention, theatrical historian and "absolutely bloody passionate" actor, examines the intricacies, pitfalls and sheer gruelling hard work which goes into the art of being old.

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