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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the BBC Travel News website.

Updated Travel News website

How do I use the map:

  • To reduce loading times, the map will only load and become active after clicking the initial prompt
  • Using the tabs at the top of the map allows you to filter the information you want to see in the map, and the text list below
  • The number of incidents belonging to each information type is displayed when hovering over each of the tabs at the top of the map
  • You can show or hide the map to suit your own preference
  • The map and text list are synchronised, so clicking on an item in the text list will highlight the incident on the map
Updated Travel News Map Detail

What do the traffic jam cameras show:

  • Traffic jam cameras are frequently updated still images taken from CCTV cameras across the motorway and trunk road network
  • They show snapshots of traffic conditions, which can be useful when used in combination with our incident data
  • Camera images appear in popup panels within the map, allowing you to quickly close a camera, and click elsewhere without losing your position on the map
  • Cameras are only shown on the map when zoomed in. This is to prevent too many cameras appearing, and slowing down the map when highly zoomed-out
  • Cameras are not always available, because they are in active use by the Police or road authorities, or faulty. Unavailable cameras are indicated by a grey camera icon, generated automatically by our system
  • If the map is hidden, you can still view camera images by choosing cameras from the text list

Changes to location search on mobile Travel News

  • We have recently upgraded the search functionality on our mobile Travel News site
  • You can still search for places, postcodes or roads on mobile Travel News, however you may notice that for some locations you will see additional search results. For example, searching Cardiff returns Cardiff and additional areas within Cardiff.
  • A potential impact due to this upgrade is that any bookmarks you have saved for location searches on mobile Travel News will no longer work.
  • To resolve this issue you will need to perform a new location search from the mobile Travel News homepage and save this new results page in your mobile bookmarks or favourites.
  • Note there is no impact for location searches on the website version of Travel News.

What is the BBC Travel Beta and how can I access it?

The BBC is constantly working to improve our audience's experience of our online sites and services. We have recently launched a BBC Travel Beta service that we will be running alongside the existing BBC Travel News for the next few months.

For the period of beta you can set an automatic redirection from the current Travel News site to the Travel Beta so every time you go to the Travel News site you will be transferred to the Travel Beta. The redirection is an opt in mechanism and you can also easily switch it off if you decide you'd like to use the current Travel News site again.

You can also access the Travel Beta site at any time without the redirection if you prefer to. Simply go to the or click on the banner on the Travel News homepage.

If you'd like to know more about the Travel Beta and the new functionalities go to the Help & FAQs section on the BBC Travel Beta. You can also read about the new site in a blog post on the new BBC Travel beta on the BBC Internet blog.

Other questions and feedback:

We are passionate about our website and know you are too! If you have suggestions and ideas on how to improve the Travel News website, please email using the form below.

If you have a technical issue with the site, you can also tell us about it using the form below. A lot of technical issues are quite specific so please provide as much detail as possible about the problem, such as the location you are viewing, what page of the site you are visiting, web browser (and version), type of device and operating system you are using (also screen shots if you can). This will help us to identify and fix problems as soon as possible.

If you want to report a traffic or travel incident, please call 0330 123 0184

Please take care when entering your e-mail address. BBC Online promises that you will NOT receive unsolicited mail by supplying your personal details.


We appreciate your feedback, and it helps to improve the traffic and travel information service we provide to you via BBC Online, and our other delivery channels for BBC Travel News content.

Wherever possible we'll try to answer your emails, but due to the huge amount of e-mail correspondence we receive we cannot guarantee a personal reply.

The BBC and any service provider we engage will use the information you supply to respond to your queries/comments, to develop and enhance our services and for statistical analysis of audiences and users. For full details of our policy regarding the personal information we collect about you please visit our privacy policy page.

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