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About BBC Travel News

The BBC broadcasts authoritative, independent traffic and travel information across all our major platforms, interactive text and data services.


With comprehensive coverage nationwide, we aim to provide the most timely and accurate information possible, with one of the most extensive databases of traffic and travel content in the UK.

We are constantly examining improvements and enhancements to the service to deliver the information you need to influence your journey planning needs in the most appropriate format.

As the information is sourced from the same content database as the information used to compile bulletins for BBC radio and television services, you should find the information you hear is equivalent to the information you see provided through the BBC Travel News Website.

We also publish information to internet-enabled mobile phones and are looking at developing other BBC Travel News web services and rich applications powered by our web content.


To use the mobile travel news service:

  • Enter straight into your mobile phone
  • Alternatively, select the 'Travel News' link on our mobile homepage
  • To receive a direct link on your phone, text 'TRAVEL' to 81010

Text Messages to the BBC cost 10-15p, depending on your network.

If you are able to access the Internet on your mobile phone or PDA then you can receive a mobile-specific edition of traffic and travel information from BBC Travel News. The mobile edition is tailored to suit your device and provides you with the full range of traffic and travel incidents across the UK, updated regularly.

Please remember - Do not use mobile phones whilst driving.


Whether at home, or on the move, our radio stations provide comprehensive live traffic and travel bulletins day and night, updated constantly and covering the incidents likely to affect your journey.

Traffic and travel news is an interactive experience and most radio bulletins will include a 'Jamline' telephone number which can be used to speak to the traffic and travel editor responsible for your area. Tell us, and we'll tell everybody else.

By using the 'Traffic' function on your RDS-enabled radio receiver (often marked 'TA', 'TI', 'TP' or 'Traffic') you will be switched to traffic and travel updates from your BBC Local Radio station, even if tuned to another BBC radio network.

Listeners to BBC Local Radio on DAB digital radio, can get additional text information about traffic and travel incidents in their local area, along with the latest news, sport and weather.


In-vision traffic and travel information is regularly broadcast within our national regional and local television bulletins. Particularly during morning commuter peak hours during BBC ONE and the BBC News Channel's Breakfast programme and when poor weather conditions, large events or significant travel disruption take place.

In addition, more detailed coverage is always available from your television through our interactive text services via the BBC Red Button - page 430.

Red Button

BBC Travel News information is accessible 24 hours a day through the red button. The BBC Red Button service is broadcast across digital satellite, digital terrestrial (Freeview) and digital cable.

Each service provides up-to-date road, rail and light rail information. We regret that we are no longer able to offer flight arrivals information for major UK airports.

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