1. A474 Neath Port Talbot Both ways

    Incident type: accident
    Between A465 Neath
    And B4434 Windsor Road Neath
    A474 Neath Port Talbot - An accident involving up to four vehicles on A474 Neath Flyover in Neath between Neath Interchange and Stockhams Corner.
  2. B4489 Swansea Northbound

    Incident type: congestion
    At B4290 Alexandra Road Swansea
    B4489 Swansea - Heavy traffic on B4489 High Street (Stryd Fawr) outbound at the B4290 Alexandra Road junction.
  3. A483 Swansea Westbound

    Incident type: congestion
    Between Port Tennant Road Swansea
    And A4067 Quay Parade Swansea
    A483 Swansea - A483 Fabian Way busy but moving inbound between the Port Tennant Road junction and the A4067 Quay Parade junction.