1. M4 Bridgend Eastbound

    Incident type: accident
    At J37 for A4229 Pyle Bridgend
    M4 Bridgend - M4 lane closed on entry slip road and slow traffic eastbound at J37, A4229 (Pyle), because of an accident involving up to three vehicles and recovery work.
  2. A467 Newport Northbound

    Incident type: accident
    Between M4 J28 Newport
    And A468 Forge Road Newport
    A467 Newport - One lane blocked and queuing traffic on A467 Forge Road northbound between Tredegar Park and Basslaeg Roundabout, because of an accident.
  3. The Vale Of Glamorgan Both ways

    Incident type: disruption
    Around Bona Road Llandow Industrial Estate
    The Vale Of Glamorgan - Tumulus Way in Llandow Industrial Estate closed around the Bona Road junction, because of a building fire at recycling plant.