1. M180 Lincolnshire Westbound

    Incident type: disruption
    Around J5 for A15 Lincolnshire
    M180 Lincolnshire - Queuing traffic and one lane blocked on M180 westbound around J5, A15 (Barnetby Top), because of debris on the road.
  2. Lincolnshire Eastbound

    Incident type: disruption
    Between Heneage Road Grimsby
    And Convamore Road Grimsby
    Lincolnshire - Eleanor Street in Grimsby closed eastbound between the Heneage Road junction and the Convamore Road junction, because of a police incident. Also affecting Pasture Street between Heneage Road and Convamore Road and Convamore Road between Wellington Street and Eleanor Street.
  3. A16 Lincolnshire Both ways

    Incident type: congestion
    At Freeport Wharf Grimsby
    A16 Lincolnshire - The traffic is moving well on A16 Victoria Street South in Grimsby at Tesco traffic lights.