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  1. M1 Leicestershire Southbound

    Incident type: accident
    Between J19 for M6 Leicestershire
    And J18 for A5 Crick
    M1 Leicestershire - Delays, one lane closed and stop-start traffic on M1 southbound between J19, M6 (Catthorpe Interchange) and J18, A5 (Rugby), because of emergency repairs. In the roadworks area. Travel time is 30 minutes. Congestion to J20, A4303 (Lutterworth).
  2. A426 Leicestershire Southbound

    Incident type: congestion
    Between A4303 Lutterworth Road Lutterworth
    And A5 Cotesbach
    A426 Leicestershire - Slow traffic on A426 Rugby Road southbound in Lutterworth between the A4303 Lutterworth Road junction and the A5 junction.