1. M1 West Yorkshire Northbound

    Incident type: disruption
    Between J42 for M62 West Yorkshire
    And J43 for M621 Robin Hood
    M1 West Yorkshire - People on the road on M1 northbound between J42, M62 (Lofthouse) and J43, M621 (Belle Isle).
  2. A644 West Yorkshire Both ways

    Incident type: congestion
    At A62 Cooper Bridge Road Mirfield
    A644 West Yorkshire - A644 Wakefield Road in Mirfield busy but moving at Cooper Bridge Roundabout.
  3. A643 West Yorkshire Northbound

    Incident type: congestion
    Between M621 J2 Leeds
    And A58 Gelderd Road Leeds
    A643 West Yorkshire - Slow traffic on A643 northbound in Leeds between Elland Road and Armley Gyratory.
  4. A58 West Yorkshire Eastbound

    Incident type: congestion
    From B6379 Wyke
    To M62 Oakenshaw
    A58 West Yorkshire - A58 Whitehall Road busy but moving eastbound from Wyke to the M62 junction.