1. M6 Lancashire Southbound

    Incident type: accident
    Between J28 for B5256 Lancashire
    And J27 for A5209 Shevington Vale
    M6 Lancashire - One lane closed and queuing traffic on M6 southbound between J28, B5256 (Leyland) and J27, A5209 (Standish), because of a serious accident involving four cars and a van and recovery work. Congestion to J29, M65 (Lostock Hall).
  2. A49 Lancashire Southbound

    Incident type: congestion
    Between B5256 Lancaster Lane Clayton-le-Woods
    And Runshaw Lane Chorley
    A49 Lancashire - Slow traffic on A49 Wigan Road southbound in Clayton-le-Woods between Woodsman traffic lights and Bay Horse Traffic Lights.
  3. A583 Lancashire Eastbound

    Incident type: congestion
    Before A5071 Moor Lane Preston
    A583 Lancashire - Heavy traffic on A583 Fylde Road inbound in Preston before the A5071 Moor Lane junction.
  4. A6 Lancashire Both ways

    Incident type: congestion
    Around A674 Millenium Way Chorley
    A6 Lancashire - Heavy traffic on A6 Preston Road in Chorley around Hartwood Roundabout.
  5. A584 Lancashire Both ways

    Incident type: congestion
    Around Station Road South Pier Blackpool
    A584 Lancashire - A584 Promenade in Blackpool busy but moving around South Pier.