Due to technical reasons some Traffic Cameras are currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  1. Gloucestershire Westbound

    Incident type: disruption
    Between A430 Trier Way Gloucester
    And Hempsted Lane Gloucester
    Gloucestershire - St Ann Way in Gloucester closed westbound between the A430 Trier Way junction and the Hempsted Lane junction, because of a building fire at Bakers Quay.
  2. A46 Gloucestershire Both ways

    Incident type: congestion
    Around St James Street Cheltenham Town Centre
    A46 Gloucestershire - A46 Albion Street in Cheltenham Town Centre busy but moving around the St James Street junction.
  3. A417 Gloucestershire Eastbound

    Incident type: congestion
    At A436 Crickley Hill
    A417 Gloucestershire - The traffic is moving well on A417 eastbound in Crickley Hill at Air Balloon Roundabout.