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29 October 2014
top of the Pops 2 top of the Pops 2

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TOTP Online

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Five professional collaborations that carried on in the bedroom...

no 1Stephen BraySTEVE BRAY
A former boyfriend of Madonna in Michigan, Steve again hooked up with the young upstart in New York when he became the drummer of her band Emmy. Madonna was frustrated by the group environment, 'I had ideas. In a band you can't have ideas,' she said years later. Taking Bray with her, the pair recorded a set of demos. After she hit the big time, Steve went on to colloborate with Madonna on some of her biggest '80s hits including the song which would become her first UK No.1, 'Into The Groove'. However, shortly after the pair worked together on the 'Like A Prayer' album, they fell out. Bray later went onto burn his bridges with his former girlfriend by declaring her songwriting contribution as "minimal". Ouch!

Jellybean and Madonnano 2JELLYBEAN
Madonna's first Top of the Pops appearance in January 1984 was with 'Holiday', a song produced former DJ John "Jellybean" Benitez. The pair met on the New York scene and soon became a regular item, culminating with recordings once she had achieved a recording deal. A few months after Madonna's TOTP debut, the relationship was at an end. "Yes, she used me to networkinto the business," he later recalled. "But I did the same for her."

no 3Sean PennSEAN PENN
In the mid-'80s, Sean and Madonna were the iconic couple of the decade. The epitomy of cool, the pair's wedding in August 1985 was also a marriage of Sean's Brat Pack credential's and Madonna's status as most famous person on the planet. It was a doomed relationship from the start and would be over before the end of the decade, but not before the couple colloborated on the dismal movie Shanghai Surprise. Producer George Harrison said of the film: ""We had the wrong script, the wrong director and the wrong stars." When questioned on the poison Penns, the former-Beatle gave the blunt reply "don't ask!"

Warren Beattyno 4WARREN BEATTY
"Why would you do anything if it wasn't on camera?" commented Hollywood lothario Warren Beatty during a scene in the 1991 rockumentary In Bed With Madonna. Having met in '89 when Beatty cast the icon as Breathless Mahonney in his film adaptation of Dick Tracy, the pair soon started dating. But Warren could never relate to Madonna's seemingly endless desire for publicity. He came from the old school set which believed that celebrities should maintain a mistique and felt that the self-indulgence of having a film crew record your every moment mitigated this secrecy.

no 5Guy RitchieGUY RITCHIE
Madonna was introduced to Guy by mutual friends, Sting and his wife Trudi Styler. For Madge it was love at first sight, though witnesses say that Guy took a while to warm to the idea of dating the megastar. By the end of 1999, the pair were living together in London and a year later, they married in Scotland. It wasn't until 2001 that the couple actually attempted to work together, first in the video for Madonna's 'What It Feels Like For A Girl', then ending the year shooting Guy's third feature film, 'Swept Away'. To date, their finest collaboration has to be baby Rocco, born in August 2000. Awww!

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