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24 September 2014

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Kelly chatted on 9th January 2003
It was Kelly's destiny that she'd end up on the TOTP chat sofa. Here's what she had to say...

Below are just some of the highlights...

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    Jeff: What was it like to complete your first solo album?
    Kelly: I was very nervous, Jeff. I remember being in the studio, I was three sessions in the studio and I kind of froze up for a minute 'cos I was so used to working in the studio with Beyonce and Michelle but I got through it. They called me at the studio and prayed with me and encouraged me and gave me good words so I could finish off my session and I did and I got through this album because of them.

    Rachel: Do you prefer being a solo artist?
    Kelly: NO! [laughs] I mean, it has its good points, don't get me wrong, like I think that doing this record - which will be out February 10th - actually gave me some growing time, you know what I mean? Like creative growth, vocal growth, I did things on this record that I've never done before & I gained a little more oomph in myself, y'know? I was just very proud because I wrote a little bit, I just tried things, y'know what I mean? I missed the girls still but it has its good points.
    TOTP: I suppose it gives you more chance to get your own personality across. You've been with Destiny's Child for sometime and you're all doing solo projects, getting the chance to have your own voice. So it's helped you grow a little bit, that's brilliant.
    Kelly: Yeah!

    Sarah: What's your favourite song on 'Simply Deep' and why?
    Kelly: My favourite song on Simply Deep would have to be...right now it's 'Can't Nobody', and it's 'Can't Nobody' 'cos its one of those dancing tracks, and another one is '(Love Lives In) Strange Places' and I'm getting a lot of response from 'Can't Nobody' 'cos everyone loves dancing over here and having fun here in Europe so that's one of the songs that's getting a lot of attention right now.

    Chloe: Is it true that Beyonce's sister wrote some of the tracks on 'Simply Deep'?
    Kelly: Yes, Solange did write three songs on the record. She wrote 'Obsession', 'Simply Deep' the title track and she also wrote the song on there about my life and my childhood called 'Beyond Imagination'. She is so incredibly talented. Working in the studio with her, see I've known Solange since she was five, she's 16 now and she's writing and more advanced than I was at 16. Beyonce even says she's more advanced than she was when she was sixteen, so Solange is writing. She's listening to old music, she's listening to classical music to hip hop and everything and she uses all of that - she incorporates it into her writing and into her creativity so she's just amazing. She always gives us credit but she's way different from the way we were, and she's very smart and intelligent - that's why she is where she is today!

    Mark: I love your music, d'you think you will ever change your style?
    Kelly: I don't think that I'll change my style, I might sometimes just always do something different cos I don't wanna be like oh, she's doing the same thing again, d'ya know what I mean? I always want to do something that's different. I want to be mysterious so that you don't always know my every move, y'know what I mean, 'cos that's what I love about other artists, y'know like Mary J Blige, or like Madonna who always changes her style, so I'll probably change. You never know, you gotta wait and see!

    TOTP: I read that you wanted a rock influence - you went into the studio and you wanted to do something which was Sade with rock, and everyone just looked at you.
    Kelly: Oh that was crazy! They all looked at me like I was crazy, like, 'OK, I don't wanna work with her,' y'know. But I knew what I wanted and the big thing is that I got what I wanted in the end. I got the Sade feel, I got a rock feel riding under all of it, so I got what I want and I'm happy.

    Lynn: Your new single 'Stole' is excellent and the stories told in it are really sad, is the song inspired by people you know?
    Kelly: This song is inspired for me by the news and the things that are going on around me. I don't know any of these people personally but I can say that this happens every day so y'know what goes on in the song and so I loved the song when I heard the lyrics & I hoped it would hopefully touch young people and inspire. I don't mean to sound preachy 'cos it's still got a great melody and a great musical feel behind it but it was just such a great song that we thought, you know, it would be a great first single.

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