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24 September 2014

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We chatted with Nick Carter on 26th September

Nick Carter
The best-looking Backstreet Boy Nick had plenty to say when we caught up with him backstage at the Pops...

Below are just some of the highlights. To watch the full chat video:
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Annabel: When has famous been a disadvantage to you?
Nick: The only disadvantage would be when you are talking to someone normal who is not in the business or anything like that. Maybe trying to get to know a girl, you don’t really know whether she is talking to you for the right reasons. You know that whole type of vibe? Whether you can trust somebody or not? And, I guess that is a really big disadvantage. You don’t really know who to trust any more.

Truth time Nick! Are BSB still together?
Nick: Yes. We're still together - there was never a break up. It's just me reaching out and trying something new and seeing how it goes. I'm just really excited to be doing something different because I’ve been doing the same thing since I was a little kid, 12-years-old. Now, I’m 22 and that is like 10 years. The exact same thing over and over. I was touring for seven years straight. So, I'm just really excited to be doing something different. To open up my mind creativity wise, music wise, learn new things and kinda become myself for a little bit. Learn how to be an individual person.

Does it feel odd doing interviews on your own?
Nick: It's a little different. Kinda scary sometimes. You worry that you are saying the right things. If you do say the wrong thing and it’s just all you, it's all your fault! There is nobody they can call that messed up or anything. There's a lot of things that ride on top of doing interviews because people can take things the way that they come out of my mouth.

Vicky Bizier: What's your single about?
Nick: I didn't write the single but when I heard the song I loved it. The cool thing about being a solo artist is that - the music that you put on the album, it’s your influence. You are the one who is writing the music, or if you record someone else’s song, it really has to connect with me as a person. I have to feel inspired to sing it. I have to feel it connects with me. When it comes out of my mouth, when I do sing it, it has to sound like it’s real. You have to have feeling for it. I listened to this song and I was like "man, this is perfect". The song fits perfectly with my personality, my mentality, and I wanted to sing it really bad.

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