Ezra Bang and Hot Machine

BBC Introducing

Live at T in the Park 2009

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Ezra Bang and Hot Machine are a five member boy-girl collective who utilize an array of samples, vintage synthesizers and distortion pedals to make what the band have dubbed "guerilla funk". Led by Ezra, the New York-born grandson of a Pentecostal bishop, the band's history is one steeped in the concept of smoke and mirrors. At times antagonistic and violent, their past live shows venture from the sublime to the downright guttural.

Their riotous behavior on a European tour - resulting in Ezra being deported from Amsterdam and barred from entering the UK for 10 days - brought them to the attention of Public Enemy, who invited the band to support them on tour. With the addition of Sara Belle on bass and Japanese fashion student Mio Kuromori on synths, they're making the transition from a shambolic East London spectacle to a muscular, precision outfit that produces everything completely live. Long time collaborators Ezra Bang and Linus Jackson use a collection of analogue keyboards through stacks of amplifiers, while drummer Ralph Phillips plays a homemade kit, featuring a mounted metal trash bin.


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