The Blackout

The Blackout are a post-hardcore band from South Wales. After some time backing Lostprophets on their Liberation Transmission Tour with Dopamine they released their first mini-album The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!. As of October 2007 the band released their debut album, We Are The Dynamite. The band recently revealed in a MySpace blog that they were working on a new album. Whether this is the truth or not is unknown at this point.

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I Didnt Go To T In The Park .. But TBO Are AMASING!!! >.

LOVE THEM!!! absolutly amazing band.

completely in love with the blackout at the moment.COME ON BBC, PUT UP THE COVERAGE OF THE LIVE SET!4th october

one of the best underground hardcore bands of the moment, hope them all the success they deserve

leah sanyasi
blackout are beasts !!FACT!!!leah from merthyr tydfil!

I dont want to watch Ian Brown sing out of tune, why not show someone good like oh i dont know... the blackout!

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Performance on

Saturday July 12

Radio 1/NME Stage

The Blackout ON

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