Kids In Glass Houses

Kids In Glass Houses are a five-piece rock band from the surrounding valleys of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Boasting influences ranging from the classic pop of The Police, Michael Jackson, Prince, and The Beach Boys to the British rock of Stereophonics, Blur and Pulp to the hardcore/punk stylings of Glassjaw, Refused and The Movielife. The band's name is inspired by a lyric in Glassjaw song 'Tip Your Bartender'. The line is "not throwing stones at you anymore".

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Beth x
I love themm x an ther album smart casuall :O woww xx

i wish i was there this band are rad :-] is there a stream of the set they played anywhere on here?


yerr i want to know were to see there set, i <3 them :)

they were phenomenal - get some footage up :D

wish i got to see kids in glass houses !

where can i listen to their set?

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