The Radio Scotland Camper Van

All weekend the Radio Scotland camper van was the venue for some brilliant acoustic sessions. With bands like The Law, Sergeant, 1990s and T Break headliners Zoey Van Goey beating a path to the door, the van was soon literally rocking. Perhaps they were attracted by the well-stocked fridge... Enjoy the videos below, we'll be adding more plus interviews with Primal Scream and The Prodigy soon.

Zoey Van Goey - Campervan Session


Campervan Sessions

  • Video 1 - Twin Atlantic

  • 0:00: I Cave In
  • 3:45: Crash Land

  • Video 2 - Zoey Van Goey

  • 0:00: The City is Exploding
  • 4:20: We Don't Have That Kind Of Bread

  • Video 3 - We See Lights

  • 0:00: Parachute
  • 3:50: Sing In Your Own Voice

  • Video 4 - Be A Familiar

  • 0:00: Smile Forever
  • 3:50: Pain In The Heart

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